Of Washington Free Beacon, a Russian Dossier, and Guo Wengui

Of Washington Free Beacon, a Russian Dossier, and Guo Wengui

Is anything a surprise these days? Learning that conservative site Washington Free Beacon (WFB) was deeply involved with the dossier begun in 2014 to connect then-candidate Trump (and other pre-primary candidates) with Russian operatives … and that it was originally requested by Republicans and later the tab switched to Democrats … is almost blasé.

Though the request seems to have started with the WFB, they hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steel, a former British intelligence officer, to do the behind the scenes digging … looking for information on several Republican Presidential primary candidates. But the leaders at WFB also claim they didn’t have anything to do with the Trump-Russia dossier. But the WFB also stated that they “do not apologize for our methods. We consider it our duty to report verifiable information, not falsehoods or slander, and we believe that commitment has been well demonstrated by the quality of the journalism that we produce.”

President Trump has called the unverified report a “disgrace.”

At this point, there seems to be a lot of finger pointing going on between the DNC, Paul Singer – businessman who has held fundraisers for many leaders in the Republican Party and the RNC, and the WFB. Who’s responsible, who started it, and who finished it? It looks like the WFB got the whole thing started, presumably with some encouragement from leaders in the RNC at some point and then when the payment from WFB to Fusion GPS stopped, the company shopped it out to the DNC to continue their research and reporting.

There’s another question that might need to be answered somewhere down the line of all these investigations. It regards Guo Wengui, a Chinese expat billionaire. Guo made much of his fortune through real estate – in China, as well as the US and around the world.

Guo’s reputation is iffy, receiving support from the current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, but not so much from others in the current White House administration. The Chinese government has been trying to get the man deported back to their shores to have him face charges there and also to pay back up to $1.5 billion to Chinese companies.

Guo has been politically active, and much of his efforts centers not just around pulling down the Chinese government, but also includes anti-American efforts. We know that Singer paid for the Russian dossier in the beginning, but could it be possible that Guo had some hand in paying for the continuation of the work once Singer and WFB backed out of the research?

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