Website RFP Issued By McCordsville, Indiana

Due Date: 8/25/23

Project Overview and Scope of Work

McCordsville’s website has served us well for many years. It’s time to reimagine our web presence with more contemporary design principles in mind. We desire a website that is uncluttered and easily navigable. We want the public to have easy access to public notices, RFP’s, Public Records Requests, development filings, requests for service, upcoming events, and contacts. We also want to archive agendas, minutes, resolutions, ordinances, and financials. Most, if not all, of the current McCordsville website’s content should migrate to the new site although the architecture of the site itself may not remain the same.

The selected vendor will work cooperatively with Town staff, select community stakeholders and the Town Council as appropriate to create a new, intuitive, modern website that will incorporate the Town’s brand.

Note that the Town will provide a variety of creative solutions to any of the components below.

The list of components below is intended to give vendors an idea of current functionalities but is not necessarily intended to be a completely prescriptive list.

Specific Required and Desired Project Components

A. High Level Requirements

A.1. Design process should include opportunities for staff, public, and Town Council input and/or feedback.

A.2. Site should leverage responsive design to adapt seamlessly to screens of various sizes. (Mobile)

A.3. The vendor should configure the platform so that content can be easily created and updated by Town staff with multiple permission levels.

A.4. Site should meet WCAG 2.1 requirements for accessibility purposes.

A.5. Site should not rely on dependencies or technologies that are not publicly documented and openly available.

A.6. Site should adhere to security best practices. Effective spam mediation measures should be in place to stave off bots and malicious actors.

A.7. Site should make effective use of Town branding, including color scheme.

A.8. Site should include all content from current McCordsville website, excepting content identified as undesired by McCordsville

B. Highly Desired Components

B.1. Site should provide a search feature for the site on the main page

B.2. Home page should be able to feature rotating new content/ photos

B.3. Site should make McCordsville online resources, including databases, downloadable, easily visible, discoverable, and well-organized

B.4. Site should consider allowing users to make a payment to the Town

B.5. Site must include a site map for the website

B.6. Menus should respond to taps/clicks rather than hovering (buttons and other smaller functions may respond to hovering)

B.7. Ability to easily create forms which can e-mail submissions to selected staff email addresses for example, rental requests, public record request, employment application, etc.

B.8. Ability to translate site into multiple languages, to be identified by Town

B.9. Ability to easily incorporate multiple photos and video (Town generated), both static and in slideshows, to highlight events and services and to enhance the appearance of the site.

C. Current external integrations and embeds

C.1. Site should integrate with Town permitting third-party vendor iWorQ. New permitting programs will be considered.

C.2. Keyword optimization with improved SEO, title and metadata descriptions, include implementation of Google analytics

C.3. Seamless social media integration for common platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and YouTube.

C.4. Beacon GIS integration

C.5. Survey Monkey or JotForm’s for specific citizen communications

D. Desired New Features

D.1. Dedicated home buttons for RFP’s, Development Filings, and Public Notices

D.2. Codification Section easily manageable

D.3. Recreation (Parks) rental section (for future use to be activated later)

D.3.1. Ability to sign up for programs

D.3.2. Ability to reserve and pay for rentals of shelters, Community Center, and fields

D.3.3. Ability to donate to “Building A Brighter McCordsville” Fund

D.4. Options for permitting and licensing.

D.5. Combine “” with “

D.5.1. Remove old websites from the web once new site is implemented and it is confirmed all data has transferred over.

D.5.2. Add in downloadable maps, statistics such as tax rate, population, etc., reports and studies

D.6. Explore and manage domain:

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