Organization Creative Associates Request for Proposal (RFP) No. RFP-JTAP-031- Media Firm RFP Closing Date: 08/29/2023

RFP Closing Time: 4:00 PM – Local Time, Amman, Jordan


TAP has been supporting MOY Since its launch in 2021, in developing the needed policy level strategies for an efficient and effective performance, while at the same time TAP supported the MOY in developing the Executive Plan of the National Youth Strategy (NYS) 2019-2025. To enhance the MoY’s ability to engage with NYS’s target groups, TAP assisted the MoY in developing and implementing communication and media plans.

The National Youth Strategy (NYS) communication and media plan is a major component of MOY’s media department mandate to promote the programs of the National Youth Strategy to reach the youth in Jordan, motivate and encourage them to participate and interact with the NYS projects and programs through various activities and tools, including the social media campaign.

The social media campaign will be managed by the MOY media staff with support from TAP and the consultancy firm. The MOY will use its official social media outlets, mainly Facebook, Instagram, and You tube.


The overall objective of this consultancy is to support the TAP’s efforts to assist the Ministry of Youth (MOY) in designing, developing, planning, and implementing a social media campaign to promote the programs and activities of the National Youth Strategy, while raising the awareness of youth in Jordan to actively participate in these programs and activities. It is expected that this campaign will support the MOY in reaching out to the youth and engage them by encouraging them to interact using the MoY main social media outlets.

Campaign target audience:

1. Youth on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (12-30) years old.

2. Parents (30-55) Years old.

3. Social media influencers.

Scope of work

Working on this assignment will be in collaboration with MOY, with technical support and quality assurance from TAP Communication and Outreach Advisor. Specific consultancy scope of work includes:

Reviewing the following key documents:

MOY media and communication policy

MOY public perception survey 2023

NYS communication and media plan

MOY key messages

National Youth Strategy 2019-2025

National Youth Strategy Implementation Plan

Any other relevant documents

Developing a creative concept for the campaign, that includes the color palette, the fonts, the campaign logo and slogan, the hashtag and the posts and ads layout.

Creating the campaign content and weekly content calendar.

Producing the campaign materials (designing the posts, producing the reels and videos. short stories etc.)

Proposing, managing and crafting paid ads that increase the traffic, visibility, youth engagement etc….

Publishing daily informative and promotional updates.

Creating the campaign hashtag and the relevant tagging and linkages of the content on all MOY platforms.

Providing social media analytics reports about the campaign performance.

**ESTIMATED PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE:**Aug 2023- Dec 2023 A 4-month contract will be signed with the awarded firm, 2 months for the campaign’s duration and 2 months for preparation and reporting.



Milestone/Deliverable #1

Description: Kick-off Meeting

Due Date: TBD

Milestone/Deliverable #2

Description: Campaign action plan

Due Date: TBD

Milestone/Deliverable #3

Description: Campaign creative concept

Due Date: TBD

Milestone/Deliverable #4

Description: Campaign key messages

Due Date: TBD

Milestone/Deliverable #5

Description: Designing and producing material for month 1

Due Date: TBD

Milestone/Deliverable #6

Description: Disseminating campaign content and materials for month 1

Due Date: TBD

Milestone/Deliverable #7

Description: Report (1) – first month of the campaign

Due Date: TBD

Milestone/Deliverable #8

Description: Designing and producing material for month 2

Due Date: TBD

Milestone/Deliverable #9

Description: Disseminating campaign content and materials for month 2

Due Date: TBD

Milestone/Deliverable #10

Description: Final report

Due Date: TBD

Key Deliverables

The consultancy firm / agency shall provide the following deliverables, subject to TAP’s and MOY’s approval, to meet the desired objectives:

Developing a step-by-step action plan for the campaign.

Preparing the campaign creative concept

Creating at least (2) videos and (4) reels and disseminating them during the campaign on MOY social media platforms, the videos and reels are attractive, engaging and help to make the campaign content pop, the duration of each video (1-2) minutes.

Highlighting at least (3) success stories from the MOY NYS.

Designing and disseminating at least (25) posts on MOY social media platforms.

Planning and launching the campaign with the aim of raising the awareness of at least (20) influencers on MOY activities. These influences are expected to engage with the campaign activities and support in disseminating the content, the products, and the materials.

Achieve an overall social media followers base of (60K) during the campaign period.

(2) Reports on the performance of the campaign.


Should MOY wish to use a newly launched social media outlet during the implementation phase of the campaign, the consultancy firm shall have the flexibility to respond to such requests in close coordination with TAP.

All the deliverables should be gender sensitive and inclusive.

All the reports should be submitted in Arabic and English.

All deliverables should be submitted initially for TAP’s and MOY’s inputs, feedback, and approval before moving to the next task.

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