Western Upper Peninsula Planning Issues Website RFP

WUPPDR is seeking a website developer to redesign an existing website that provides information about public, private, and nonprofit transportation resources. The intent for the website redesign is to reinvigorate its appearance and improve the user experience. In parallel with the redesign, much of the information and supporting resources, such as maps, will be populated and updated by WUPPDR staff to ensure accuracy and suitability of this content.


Since 1968 the staff of the Western Upper Peninsula Planning & Development Region office (WUPPDR) has been providing general planning support to the western six counties of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula through its many programs, projects and services. While our programs are quite diverse, all support our mission: to foster stable and diversified economies in the Western Upper Peninsula. WUPPDR also serves as the regional clearinghouse for federally and state-funded programs. Through this role, WUPPDR enhances intergovernmental coordination and encourages opportunities for public comment on projects of regional significance.

This website is intended to familiarize you with our organization and the ways in which we serve our member units of government. We have posted many of our planning documents and a variety of program information. Our Mission is to foster stable and diversified economies in the Western Upper Peninsula.

Scope of Work:

The website redesign will center on transit/transportation provider content and will eliminate most of the current non-motorized and carpool elements.

Scope of work items are as follows:

                1. Selection and use of a standardized website development and maintenance platform that allows page content and website menu items to be updated and maintained by novice users, allow pages with standardized layouts to easily be added and removed, requires minimal future intervention by a professional website developer and is relatively effective in preventing security breaches. WUPPDR shall approve the platform, in consultation with the contractor, before any other scope of work items proceed. The platform selected shall not be WordPress.

                2. Creation of unique homepage design, including a slideshow or other animated or video imagery relevant to public or mass transportation; the contractor shall provide and utilize photos and/or videos that contractor has rights to use and shall transfer ownership of which to      WUPPDR.

                3. Creation of three or more standardized page layouts, including content placeholders, for insertion of content by WUPPDR staff. These shall include at least all of the following:

                                a. Transportation provider page: includes a narrative (descriptive) text space, a table for information such as fares, hours of operation, and service areas, and placeholders for maps and document thumbnails

                                b. Index page: organizes and lists all providers by category to allow visitors to access the individual transportation provider pages. Each category of providers shall be presented either as a separate page(s) or as collapsible sections of the same page.

                                c. Generic content page: flexible format to be used for supporting information, including a carpooling information page.

                Contractor shall enter representative content into at least one index page and at least one transportation provider page to show an example of how WUPPDR staff may populate the other pages.

                4. Creation of at least three proposed color schemes, each presented conceptually in the same standardized page layout, for selection of the preferred color scheme by WUPPDR staff

                5. Creation of a menu system including one or more single- or multi-level dropdown or sidebar menus, as appropriate.

                6. Creation of new navigation buttons as needed.

                7. Creation of a contact form to convey messages from website visitors to the appropriate WUPPDR staff via e-mail.

                8. Creation of a website map.

                9. Creation of a dedicated mobile version of the website.

                10. Preferred, but optional: the creation of a new logo to replace the one currently used in the website masthead and in other materials.

Due Date:

July 3rd, 2019. 



Makovsky PR and Hunter PR have relevant experience.

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