What Does a Financial PR Firm Do?

A financial public relations firm or financial PR firm is a company whose primary function is to work with the news media and reporters in order to generate publicity for a client’s business. 

PR firms provide client companies with media access through speaking opportunities, press releases, advertising, celebrity endorsements, and other forms of outreach in an effort to raise the profile of the clients they represent. Financial public relations firms are typically retained by emerging companies to help them develop brand awareness and establish credibility.

A financial PR firm helps to promote and market a company’s products and services to the media. This type of firm can be the difference between a company making money and its struggling to stay afloat. A good financial PR firm will help create strong relationships with the media so outlets are more likely to cover your company positively.

Financial PR firms provide services to companies in the financial industry. The companies they service include investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, and brokerages. Financial PR firms help these companies with everything from crisis management to media training. They may also assist with investor relations and social media promotions.

A good financial PR firm will also have relationships with major news outlets in order to  get clients’ stories in front of these powerful companies. Without these contacts, it would be harder for financial companies to get noticed by top media sources. A quality financial PR firm can also help build relationships with local media outlets that might be willing to write stories about businesses on a smaller scale than national publications.

Tasks for a financial PR firm include building media lists, pitching news stories about clients, creating press releases, writing articles about clients, monitoring media outlets for opportunities to place stories about clients, attending client events and conferences, and working on any other projects clients may have.

The most common type of financial PR firm is typically composed of one person who has many financial PR skills including writing, pitching, and client management. Many firms also have teams of people who work together on larger projects. Larger firms may include specialized departments, such as those dedicated to corporate communications, investor relations, or technology PR.

Financial PR is highly specialized, and requires the ability to analyze a company’s industry, assess its value proposition, and position it effectively within both the financial community and the general public. Financial PR companies must be able to communicate with business professionals in terms that are meaningful and resonant for their customers.

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