Wichita State University Seeks Brand Strategy-Strategic Communications and Marketing Firm


Wichita State University seeks a strategic communications firm, with a successful record of working with public research universities, to help build/expand the university’s brand recognition and reputation.


Wichita State University seeks a strategic communications firm with proven experience in public research higher education to:

• Build university reputation as a national brand by placing earned media in national publications.

• Increase national profile of university as leader in innovation by placing earned media in national publications and rankings specific to innovation.

• Identify conference/event/program opportunities (speaker/presenter, expert, thought leader, etc.) where university and/or individuals could be highlighted.

• Serve as consultants in strategic communications planning and implementation.

• Work closely with the university communications staff and leadership to define and refine university’s points of distinction.

• Provide insight for messaging that focuses on and around the university’s core values and points of distinction.

• Close collaboration expected/selected vendors.

Scope of Work:

TASK LIST Includes but is not limited to:

• Research and recommend earned media opportunities in national publications.

• Determine and develop communication platforms/opportunities for president.

• Recommend and pitch story ideas.

• Provide media monitoring services including in-depth performance analytics.

• Produce monthly detailed report of media mentions – value, impact and measurement.

o Provide example of a Good, Better, Best monthly spend and deliverables for each level.

• Strategize value and impact of measuring what matters.

• Assist university team to identify, present and report on key performance indicators and other data points/analytics.

• Provide access to new distribution lists for president and industry newsletters.

• Understand relationship with third party service vendors and how that relationship can be leveraged.

• Assist with crisis/issue management as needed.

• Host regularly scheduled check-in/status report calls.

• Collaborate with university team to set, advise and recommend strategy and tactics to reach university goals and objectives.

• Provide resources/products to keep on top of trends, industry standards and best practices.

• Develop annual communication and marketing plan


• November 2020 – June 30, 2021

• Work will take place remotely, in-person, on-campus. Frequency to be determined.

• Regularly scheduled reporting/update/check-in meetings

Due Date:

November 9


Lisa Nettleton Telephone: 316-978-3783 E-Mail Address: lisa.nettleton@wichita.edu

Telephone: 316-978-3783 Facsimile: 316-978-3582 E-mail Address: lisa.nettleton@wichita.edu Wichita State University Office of Purchasing 1845 Fairmount, Campus Box 12 Wichita, KS 67260-0012

Agencies to consider includes KCSA PR and Makovsky PR.

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