Windows Everywhere, a Microsoft Move that Makes Sense

Windows Everywhere brings together all Microsoft services, including Skype, Bing, mail, Internet Explorer, Office, Camera, Xbox Music & Video and others, and makes them available on all platforms, including Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface, and all devices: Windows tablet, PC and phone.

windows everywhere

Windows: One experience. On every device. For everything in your life.

The announcement comes in form of an ad, which showcases how Microsoft is repositioning itself as a devices and services company. In late 2012, when Microsoft released its fiscal annual report, the company shared a letter with its shareholders, partners and customers, explaining some of its strategies, and future perspectives.

Among these, Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer, noted that Windows 8 unites the light, thin and fun aspects of a tablet with the power of a PC, and insisted on its aesthetics and functionality. But he announced more to come, and that promise comes to life now.

According to a Microsoft cited by Geekwire, “The ad reflects the devices and services era that Microsoft is entering into and will be the first time people will see Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface in one ad. With this spot, the company is moving away from how it traditionally talks about individual products to showcase how its services light up across the multiple devices that people use.”

The ad below is an integrated part of Microsoft’s repositioning strategy. While other marketing and PR moves trigger controversy, this ad was generally well received by the media, and the general public.

Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet speculates that this particular ad campaign could be related with a significant restructuring of the company:

“Microsoft is rumored to be finalizing details of a company-wide reorg that would better reflect the way that products and services are being developed, tested, sold and updated,” Foley writes. “According to a couple of my tipsters, the reorg, which could come any time now, might result in the product groups being realigned so that they reflect Microsoft’s devices and services (or possibly devices, services and software) charter.”

Microsoft’s longstanding public relations firm is Waggener-Edstrom.

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