WordStream Reveals: Complete Guide to AdWords Matching Options

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Are you drowning in AdWords?  Are you having trouble finding just the right thing to say to drive traffic to your website?  WordStream may have a solution for you with its “Complete Guide to AdWords Matching Options.”

Part of getting the most out of your ads that you pay for with your hard-earned money, is knowing just the right words to use, how to use them, and when to place them. This new white paper from WordStream helps you match keyword types in Google AdWords, helping you with website marketing to:

  • understand the various keyword match types in AdWords
  • know when, why, and how to use match types
  • learn how to use the new modified broad match option to get better results
  • benefit from negative keywords to raise click-through rates
  • know the best practices for applying match types.

The 9-page white paper is clear and concise, providing detailed explanations of each match type, along with helpful examples. It is easy enough for beginners who are just starting to build traffic for their sites, yet powerful enough for experienced AdWords users.  It is a quick read and will provide you with a good understanding of AdWords matching options and how you can maximize your results.

You can download a free copy of “Complete Guide to AdWords Matching Options” from the WordStream website.  With it you can learn how different AdWords match types affect your PPC results and also how to comprehend keyword matching options to improve your ROI.

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