WorkSimple: Innovative, Affordable Social Goal Management


WorkSimple is the new way to drive performance.

In spotlight today as a PR resource, we find WorkSimple, a company that aims to become a SuccessFactors alternative through affordability, as well as features and functionality. Described as a social goals management platform, WorkSimple was designed to be used by all employees within a company, to maximize engagement and performance, as well as to build trust within the workplace, and to help employees and managers forecast long-term goals and track their progress.

WorkSimple has recently enriched its platform with a new social performance graph showcasing insights around engagement, work relationships, and performance in real-time. The new dashboard is user-centric, focused on personalized social goals, contributions, feedback and recognition for each specific user. The dashboard also captures relationships between users and teams, allowing companies to ignite new work conversations around productivity and goals. The result is a real-time interactive story of the team’s work.

“Having the right view to extract the direction and mission of their teams and other departments helps every employee self-manage. WorkSimple’s Social Insights is a massive advance in the performance management industry that combines engagement — for the first time — with actual performance activity in a platform that is as easy as Facebook to use,” said Morgan Norman, co-founder and CEO of WorkSimple.

The main benefits are for individual users, who will now be able to see how they measure up against other team members, both socially and with accomplishments. This allows them to improve work performance, set up new goals and track results. Another important benefit is for employers, who can see who are the top social contributions to the business, and how they interact within the team and socially.

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