Yahoo! to Unveil Its New Logo on September 4th

Yahoo! has a sense of humor: they launched a 30 days challenge to engage conversations about their rebranding strategy, gather user feedback, and to boost brand awareness. Yes, almost everyone will be talking about the move, and dissecting each logo variation that will grace the network every day, from now on to September 4th at 9pm PST! And this is what you see today:

yahoo new logo everything-pr

Tomorrow, the logo will change, but at the end of the challenge, there are three “classics” that will not go out of style: the color purple, the iconic exclamation point, and the yodel.

The bold rebranding move was announced by Kathy Savitt, Chief Marketing Officer, who explained that: “the new logo will be a modern redesign that’s more reflective of our reimagined design and new experiences.”

The 30 days of change strategy already pays of. The media picked up the news, and users are already discussing the move. The feeling is mostly positive. On YouTube, you’ll read comments like:

I still remember first hearing the Yahoo! yodel in Inspector Gadget as a child. Glad they’re keeping it. Marissa is probably one of the best people to happen to the company.

Nothing bad has ever happened to Yahoo since MM’s arrival. From changing the directors to cutting down products and acquisition of SV’s companies, Yahoo’s back.

Twitter is buzzing too:

Although some users believe that the rebranding is a GAP move, most of them are curious, and positive about the change.

Some doubt that this will help Yahoo! back to its former glory. It may not, but it will trigger conversations and boost media mentions, without a doubt. The 30 days challenge is more than a “way of having some fun while honoring the legacy of our present logo,” as CMO Kathy Savitt describes it. It is a savvy PR strategy.

There’s still one more question to answer: if in 1995, the iconic logo of Yahoo! was designed by Organic, which agency was selected this time, and when is the “official” logo leaking?

PR firms who have worked with Yahoo include Peppercomm, Hill & Knowlton and Golin Harris.

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