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PRWeb has recently partnered with Zemata, a free content discovery tool that automatically recommends content to publishers as they write and draft content. Zemata utilizes a semantic research protocol to identify real-time and context relevant images, links and related articles to publishers while they write. The application supports some of the most popular blogging content management systems, including WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad.

The startup launched at the end of March, 2008 – and after it got some pretty in-depth coverage from the tech media giants TechCrunch, Read Write Web, VentureBeat and Mashable, the startup somehow lost the attention of the mainstream media. It took the professionals from PRWeb to see value where value is, and to bring Zemata back in the spotlight.

A simple tool developed to enrich content for bloggers becomes a PR tool, employed intelligently by the most powerful, budget-conscious, press release distribution service. News content distributed via PRWeb will now reach bloggers and citizen journalists in a social media friendly manner.

If a PRWeb customer’s news release is considered relevant by Zemanta’s recommendation engine, it will be suggested as related reading to bloggers using the application.

“We are providing a better way to connect our customers with the blogging community,” said Jiyan Wei, director of Product Management at PRWeb. “The Zemanta engine ensures that relevant customer content is provided to bloggers — who have opted to subscribe to Zemanta’s application. It’s both a savvy and friendly means to boost visibility for our customers in the social media space.”


PR Web

PRWeb is Zemanta’s first newswire partner. Both companies consider this partnership indicative of their effort to improve services and social media commitment. As far as our friends from PRWeb go, I am personally always presently surprised by their constant innovation.

PRWeb was first to integrate video with news releases for example, and one of the first to support a social media news release that gave marketers a further reach into the blogosphere. PRWeb includes other social media sharing tools, like ShareThis, and also provides for their customer the tools to automatically synchronize their PRWeb distribution with their Twitter account.

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