Zion & Zion Hired by Awnings by Design

zion and zion advertising pr company

Awnings by Designzion and zion phoneix has decided to take a big step in their marketing and hire a PR and agency of record. Their choice for the position is Zion and Zion, a full service advertising company. Awnings by Design hopes to boost brand recognition and capitalize on the rebounding economy.

Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion stated, “Awnings by Design is an amazing brand with a truly upper end client base. Our job is to create a marketing and advertising presence that is consistent with the existing target market and to also create a marketing plan and subsequent execution of that plan that broadens the reach of the Awnings by Design brand beyond the geographic scope where it has typically executed so well.”

Awnings by Design has a unique product that is tailored to the residents of the area. Their products, shade awnings and solar protection panels that move out of the way automatically when not needed, fill a need. While the company is already well known in the area, they would like to expand their customer base and increase sales with the help of their new PR agency.

Zion and Zion is a full service PR agency based out of Phoenix and Atlanta. They offer interactive marketing, as well as PR services and advertising. The firm has worked in a number of industries, including health, entertainment, real estate, and high tech, among others.

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