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New Label challenges long-held allergy warnings

New Label challenges long-held allergy warnings

You’ve seen the labels all over the snack aisle: “may contain traces of tree nuts” or “made in the same factory as peanuts” … warnings meant to convey caution to those who may have peanut allergies or other health issues that can be exacerbated by nuts. Now, reports are surfacing that claim this good faith […]

Nintendo’s New Console Could be Holiday Season Hit

Nintendo’s new console could be the hit of the holiday season

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but it can when it’s powered by nostalgia. While some remakes and reimaginings don’t always pan out, some blasts from the past manage to make a huge splash a second time. Nintendo is hoping to catch that lightning in a bottle and cash in this Christmas season with the […]

Food Industry Promotes Healthy, Simple Comfort Foods

Food Industry Promotes Healthy and Simple Comfort Foods shares healthier version of favorite comfort foods – trading out pasta for “zoodles” and baked chicken for fried. There are many ways to “healthify” the foods we eat and that trend increases as seen on many social media platforms. Even regular favorites like Fettuccine Alfredo can be lighted up by adding in a host […]