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How will Streaming Change the Emmys?


5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian comments on the future of Streaming Live Events. The continued success of streaming video content has many traditional TV networks trying to figure out how to jump on the bandwagon without destroying their current, profitable business model. The NFL recently announced a deal to stream Thursday Night Football on Twitter, and […]

Feldman claims Hollywood pedophilia prevalent

hollywood pedophilia

Hollywood has become an international icon for top shelf entertainment, sending American culture across the globe and turning A-list actors into international superstars with more clout than some national political leaders. But, if you believe some of the folks who have been in the industry for a while, the dream factory has a dark side. […]

Playboy gets help from surprising demo

playboy marketing snapchat

Playboy, the original “gentleman’s magazine” continues its culturally-motivated transformation. After more than 60 years selling nudity, the publication covered up its models, at least a bit, recently. But that was just the first in a series of moves meant to connect the company more closely to a few key demographics. The number of Millennials being […]

PR News & Updates: Healthcare PR Firm Acquisition, Europe’s Top PR Firms, & Caitlyn Jenner

Omnicom Group logo

Healthcare Firm Rabin Martin Acquired by Omnicom PR Group Rabin Martin, headquartered in New York, with additional offices in Los Angeles, London, and Geneva has been acquired by Omnicom– the first acquisition since Karen Van Bergen stepped in as CEO at Omnicom. RM becomes Omnicom PR’s 11th agency brand bringing their global public healthcare expertise […]

PR in Sports: Iowa Coach Thanks PR for Transformation

sports public relations

Public relations continue to play instrumental roles in the success of brands and public figures across a wide range of industries. Great PR campaigns keep people like Kim Kardashian in the media, launch a platform for Coca-Cola’s place as a household name, and transform tech companies like Apple from startup to established forces. Recently, the […]

The Role of Apologizing in Crisis Management

Public Relations Crisis

Saying “I’m sorry” after a terrible mishap in our private lives can seem like the most unpleasant experience. But saying sorry in the public arena? That’s even more nerve-wracking. An unsaid apology in the public sphere may not only spur hatred towards a public figure or brand, but it might also cost reputations and careers. […]

Prince: The Legacy Of A Brand

prince pr

The purple Prince of pop-rock, for a time known only by an enigmatic symbol, is dead. Fans worldwide are reeling, both at the surprise as well as wondering “why” and “how” … two questions that, as of this writing, remain unanswered. Prince was one of the most influential brands in music. A perennial chart-topper in […]

Crisis PR: Nintendo Taking Heat for Firing Woman


The gaming industry constantly takes heat for how it treats and interacts with women. From online harassment to Twitter threats to shaming and catcalls on other social media, the issue has only caught fire and doesn’t seem anywhere close to burning out. The antagonists in this case are often Nameless Faceless Masses, but sometimes a […]