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5WPR Representing The Trade Desk

5WPR Representing The Trade Desk

The global tech platform for those buying advertising, The Trade Desk, just signed 5WPR as their agency of record to increase brand awareness among buyers. Trade Desk was founded in 2009 by Jeff Green (CEO) and Dave Pickles (Chief Tech Officer) with the mission to change how advertising is bought and sold. They are headquartered […]

UNDP Seeks PR Firm

Then United Nations seeks  to  hire  a  Media/event management company to conceive, develop, pretest and produce a multi-media, multi-channel communication campaign  to  promote  the  2030  Agenda  for  Sustainable  Development  and  the Sustainable Development Goals; to conceptualize and implement  UN intervention/e vent  in the  context of the  United Nations Day on  24th  October 2017. Background: At […]

Cumberland County College seeks ad agency

cumberland community college

Purpose / Background: Cumberland County College is a community college operating in the State of New Jersey. The Awarded Agency must demonstrate an ability to fulfill the College’s expectations in the following areas in a cost-effective and timely manner: 1.​The Agency will position Cumberland County College in a distinctive, well-defined way in the minds of […]

Village of Algonquin Seeks Marketing Firm

The Village of Algonquin is seeking a qualified Economic Development  firm to proactively market opportunities for business development in the Village in conjunction with Village staff. The consultant will work on behalf of the Village to identify the growing and emerging industry, office and retail sectors and attract businesses that have the greatest potential in […]

Charlotte, North Carolina Issues Lobbying RFP

Charlotte, North Carolina Issues Lobbying RFP

The City of Charlotte, North Carolina has issued an RFP for a lobbying company. The City of Charlotte requires a qualified firm or individual to provide federal lobbying services on behalf of the City to the legislative and executive branches of the federal government. The Company shall have an office in the Washington, D.C. area. […]