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Efficiency One
Efficiency One

EfficiencyOne will be issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Creative Services Agency to support our marketing and communications goals. These goals support Efficiency Nova Scotia’s mandate to provide energy efficiency services for residents and businesses within Nova Scotia, and our purpose to help people build a better world through efficiency. EfficiencyOne is interested in providing a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date scope of work for the eventual Creative Services Request for Proposals (RFP) and subsequent contract. Therefore, the purpose of this RFN is to engage feedback from interested Vendors regarding EfficiencyOne’s Scope of Work for this service, in order for EfficiencyOne to include pertinent background information that enables Vendors to prepare an accurate proposal.


EfficiencyOne, official Licensee of the Province of Nova Scotia, is an independent, non-profit organization and franchise holder of” Efficiency Nova Scotia”.

Creative Services is an existing service, for which the current contract is set to expire in 2019. In accordance with EfficiencyOne’s procurement practices and procedures we are issuing this RFP to seek competitive proposals for the provision of these services over the next few years. It is anticipated that the term of any subsequent agreement will be for three (3) years with the option to renew for 2 years. EfficiencyOne, as the franchise holder of Efficiency Nova Scotia, promotes:

                • residential and commercial energy efficiency services;

                • our efficiency trade network, to attract contractors and service providers;

                • our annual Bright Business Conference;

                • corporate messaging; and

                • additional program marketing as funding allows.

Scope of Work:

EfficiencyOne is seeking a creative services agency to help design, develop, and execute marketing and communications materials and activities.


                The Creative Services Agency will be a key partner to EfficiencyOne and will be responsible for the development and implementation of creative strategy and production as follows:

                                A. Creative Strategy

                                This includes, but is not limited to, strategic consultation, research, messaging, copywriting, and creative direction for marketing multiple Efficiency Nova Scotia and energy efficiency solutions to the following groups: homeowners, renters, low-income Nova Scotians, small-to-large businesses, and institutions.

                                EfficiencyOne is looking for an Agency that has proven experience in both business-to-business and residential consumer-based marketing. Experience in behaviour-based marketing, content marketing, or marketing to any of the groups listed above would be considered an asset.

                                B. Production

                                This covers day-to-day general marketing materials (e.g. brochures, advertisements, retail signage, sales kits, application forms, etc.) for Efficiency Nova Scotia brand activities that help explain the energy efficiency solutions available to Nova Scotian businesses and homeowners. Work will also involve Efficiency Nova Scotia brand strategy, brand stewardship/management, as well as digital and social media campaigns.

                                It may also occasionally cover day-to-day general marketing materials, brand stewardship/brand management, and digital social media campaigns for EfficiencyOne and/or others as required.


                The following are general performance requirements to be provided by the Agent:

                                • Work out of their own Nova Scotia-based office, EfficiencyOne will not provide office space;

                                • Have the ability to track detailed project costs and expenses on a per project basis;

                                • Produce weekly status reports and be available for weekly status meetings with EfficiencyOne;

                                • Provide a high level of accuracy and proofreading in the work product, any time incurred revisiting original edits will not be paid for by EfficiencyOne;

                                • Be able to accommodate some travel around Nova Scotia, as required;

                                • Be responsible for production of all materials, with occasional exceptions outlined by EfficiencyOne;

                                • Agree that EfficiencyOne will own all design files, images and fonts purchased on our behalf;

                                • Agree to use EfficiencyOne’s basecamp (or other project management tool at EfficiencyOne’s discretion) to communicate on a day-to-day basis;

                                • Provide project-by-project pricing structure, based on hourly rates.

                                • Acknowledge and agree that they will not place a mark-up on fees for outside design, production work, or printing. EfficiencyOne will not accept mark-up fees for these activities, and may require supporting documentation be provided on receipt of invoice for these charges;

                                • Acknowledge and agree that they will work collaboratively as a team with other EfficiencyOne selected suppliers and partners (e.g. media buy partner, digital partner, photographers, video production, or other creative agencies, etc.) as required;

                                • Provide reasonable access to their staff and provide adequate staffing or approved contracted suppliers to ensure timelines and priorities are consistently met;

                                • Have the capacity to handle multiple projects and priorities simultaneously (occasional evening and weekend work may be required);

                                • For each project:

                                                o Provide a creative brief, work back schedule, and cost estimate;

                                                o Obtain approval from EfficiencyOne on all projects before work begins unless specified otherwise.

                                                o Upon sign-off of the project scope and estimate, EfficiencyOne will expect the  Agency to begin the project within 24-hours, unless otherwise specified/agreed upon between the parties;

                                                o Deliver to EfficiencyOne all working files, at the end of a project.


                During and after a given campaign the following key measurements will be used to evaluate   project success. These measurements will also be used in the evaluation of performance for the Creative Services Agent (e.g. annual performance reviews, ad-hoc performance reviews, etc.).

                                1. Cost effectiveness – objectives met within budget;

                                2. Time – campaigns are in market on time;

                                3. Effectiveness – campaigns deliver measurable results as outlined in objectives; and  provide post-mortem reports for all campaigns executed, as required, including but not  limited to: summary from planning to completion, including results against planned objectives, lessons learned and recommendations, as applicable.


  • Occupational Health and Safety*

                                The successful Proponent must accept responsibility for ensuring that all employees, subcontractors, sub-suppliers, agents and representatives under its direction comply with all federal, provincial and municipal health, safety and environmental statutes, regulations, policies, and guidelines.

  • Sustainable Practices: Local Content & Energy Efficiency

                                Preference will be given to companies owned and/or managed in Nova Scotia that have energy efficiency business practices, behaviors, and initiatives imbedded into their organizational structure.


                The Creative Services Agent will work with the following key internal stakeholders, depending on the campaign or project at hand:

                                1. Residential Marketing Lead;

                                2. Residential Marketing Coordinator/Specialist;

                                3. Business Marketing Lead;

                                4. Business Marketing Coordinator/Specialist;

                                5. Digital Marketing Lead; and

                                6. Manager, Marketing Strategy & Customer Experience

                                7. Communications Coordinator

Due Date:

June 7th, 2019.



Relevant agencies include Zeno Group and Makovsky PR.

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