Columbia and foursquare Partner for 30 Minutes or Less

No one plays the social game better than Columbia Pictures these days, who partnered with foursquare for a new, innovative program that will promote 30 Minutes or Less, an action-comedy which will be released in theaters nationwide on August 12, 2011, featuring Jesse Eisenberg as a pizza delivery boy.

The program aims to encourage users to interact with the film online and in the real world, through a foursquare badge program. Users can follow 30 Minutes or Less, then check in to movie-themed places such as pizza parlors and banks, as well as food trucks, screenings, Comic-Con®, and movie theaters on opening weekend. The check-ins unlock the badge that later may bring users promotional items when they see 30 Minutes or Less opening weekend in select movie theaters.

An world-wide promotion, the program features clear advantages for the US users though. Beginning today, foursquare users in the US who have unlocked the 30 Minutes or Less badge will be entered to win the 30 Minutes or Less foursquare Sweepstakes. The grand prize is $3,000.

The campaign doesn’t stop with online promotions. The badge will be featured with a call to action on 30 Minutes or Less print materials, including in-theater standees, bus shelters, and outdoor advertising. Additionally the badge will be mentioned in radio spots.

30 minutes or less badge.

“In 30 Minutes or Less, our characters are in a race against time of sorts, racing from place to place in their town, so we took the real-world types of locations they visit and extended them into the digital space with foursquare. The movie experience is integrated in a way that feels natural and organic to how people use foursquare – as users check into real-world locations, they get rewarded with badges that become conversation pieces about the movie,” said Dwight Caines, president, Worldwide Digital Marketing, explaining the promotion.

Kaplow PR is Public Relations Agency of Record for foursquare.

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