5 Companies Doing Robotics PR Right Now

5 Companies Doing Robotics PR Right Now
5 Companies Doing Robotics PR Right Now

For many, even public relations professionals, the subtleties between tech PR and robotics PR are difficult to discern. With the robotics industry constantly growing, it’s more important than ever to understand how to provide the most tailored services to these clients. 

Though many robotics companies have their own PR departments, there are a few notable PR agencies providing robotics-specific PR services. Read on to discover what PR efforts are necessary to help robotics companies succeed.

5 Model Companies for Robotics PR

1. By the Sea Communications

By the Sea Communications, founded by Gaby Adam, focuses on providing PR services to technology, environmental, sustainability, and travel companies. Located in Seattle, WA, By the Sea has notable connections in the robotics field, including the former Head of Robotics at Microsoft, Tandy Trower. These connections have given them a unique perspective and expertise in working with robotics companies, including Aerovel Corporation, makers of the Flexrotor drone.

2. Element PR

Dedicated to storytelling for today’s top tech companies, Element PR focuses on helping their clients stand out from the competition. Tim Smith, Founder of Element PR, started Element because he wanted to work with companies who he felt could make a long-term impact. Their noteworthy robotics clients include Fetch, a robotics start-up recently featured in TechCrunch thanks to their PR efforts. Their clients have also been featured in Robotics Business Review, Robotics Tomorrow, and Forbes Online.

3. Robot Creative

Robot Creative is a boutique creative firm based in San Antonio, TX, specializing in tech, real estate, and nonprofit PR services. In 2019, Robot Creative received three Summit Awards for the effectiveness of their marketing and emerging media presence. Robot Creative is known for their unique hybrid approach to public relations that balances design and marketing, an especially useful strategy when servicing robotics companies that need to be portrayed as more than sci-fi-esque characters. 

4. Cupertino Robotics

Like many up-and-coming robotics companies, Cupertino Robotics found that their high levels of growth mandated the establishment of in-house PR and outreach divisions. The PR team’s main focus is designing streamlined content to broadcast to the STEAM community. 

Robotics PR means more than the typical social media management and branding efforts, however. One unique focus of the Cupertino Robotics PR team is competition organization, a key element that sets robotics PR needs apart from a typical company.

5. FIRST Robotics Team 31

F.I.R.S.T., an acronym which means ‘For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology,’ is an organization dedicated to helping students in the engineering and technology fields. In 1992, the F.I.R.S.T. robotics competition was launched, and Team 31 has been competing together since 2012.

Though Team 31 is a small group of robotics professionals, they have created several impressive, award-winning robots throughout the years. Their outstanding public relations efforts are in-house, proving that robotics companies need artistic, business, and marketing talent to thrive as well. Though they are a student-based team, their PR efforts, including a business plan and relationship-building efforts, show tremendous growth potential.

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