50 Startups for PR and Marketing to Watch

Among all the things that influenced our industry, there are also hundreds of new businesses that deserve recognition. When they launched, most of them had their moment in the headlines, but if you missed the news, and since you cannot really find them in a directory, we bring 50 of them to you today, a list of startups to watch, that will make your search for the next great PR and marketing tool much easier. Please note that this is not a top, the companies are listed at random, but the numbers only serve to keep track of how many companies are on the list. Although we haven’t categorized these startups, you will find everything you need to work with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, plus collaboration tools, and news services, content creation tools, and much more.

Social Media Research

  1. Pressat provides a cost effective press release distribution service to multiple media outlets across the United Kingdom.
  2. Recon.io: Twitter brand monitoring with intelligence. It tracks your brand mentions and alerts you to feedback, support issues & more.
  3. Buzzoole – still in alpha, Buzzoole’s algorithm allows Social Media users to optimize their online presence and discover the topics they are most influential in. Are you a brand or a startup? Brands can easily identify trend setters in their niche market, involve them and generate word of mouth making them proud brand ambassadors.
  4. Peoplegeist is a social people search engine that puts you in complete control of what others see and learn about you online. It doesn’t serve results about you based on algorithms, but on what you want to show the world about yourself. You need to join to be included.
  5. Silk is a web-based platform that allows content creators to provide their content in a more structured manner on the web.
  6. The New York Times Compendium invites readers of The New York Times like you to use articles, imagery, videos, and quotations to tell your own stories using New York Times content.
  7. Glossi – lets you create and share your own digital magazines. No design or technical skill required. All that’s needed is an idea.
  8. Tame is an all new way of monitoring your Twitter timeline: get an instant overview of what you might otherwise have missed. Plus, use Tame to search the entire Twitter universe for arbitrary search queries — and get all the related hashtags, tweeps and links.
  9. Apptrace gives you complete access to discover the app economy. You can pick the relevant categories that you are interested in and get the top ranked in that list of interest. You can see what is the most popular in that week.
  10. Mevvy helps busy people find effective tools faster: everything from task list and email apps to project management tools.
  11. Agency Spotter makes it much faster to find agencies (public relations, advertising, marketing, media and so on) that fit your need and provides more information to help you make informed choices. You can list your services too.
  12. Five Hundred Plus is a personal CRM app that helps you cultivate your most valuable connections and always remember what you said to them last time you were in touch.
  13. Notism, a better way to discuss visual content with your team, lets you gather feedback from your team or clients, share designs for review, turn static screens into interactive prototypes and boost up your workflow.
  14. Phinkit is designed to provide a creative and relaxed environment to get your messages heard and network with people you want to know. It’s a site where socialising meets business and is entirely geared towards helping you succeed, whatever your goals.
  15. Honeytask gives you and your team a sweeter experience of collaborative project management.
  16. Mailrox allows you to quickly build bulletproof HTML emails.
  17. Do: an easy way to get all your work done. Share tasks, projects and files with anyone you work with.
  18. QuickRota manages shared task, so you don’t have to waste your time reminding others to do their portion of the work.
  19. Dispatch is an best email parser for sales leads. It helps you spend less time processing sales leads and more time closing them.
  20. BetaKit is a new publication dedicated to providing original, real-time reporting and analysis of emerging technology news and global innovation.
  21. atfour is a web tool that makes it easy to organize and manage any kind of personal, social or professional events on which all participants collaborate in each planification phases together
  22. Artery enables you to your digital content; direct-to-fan selling for whatever you make and whoever you make it with (art, music, photography, templates, software, books — whatever you create)
  23. Unseenideas aims to be the world’s first marketplace for unpublished ideas, concepts and campaigns – an idea-based agency/creative searchengine.
  24. InstFeedback is a web application that allows speakers or organizers to get Instant Feedback from their audience. They can create a customized feedback form in just few seconds and find out instantly what the audience liked and what they could improve next time
  25. Sendicate is an email marketing app for smart businesses. It’s based on simplicity of design, and has other interesting, powerful features.
  26. RealtimeBoard: is an online whiteboard, enabling visual collaboration in realtime.
  27. Voxeet offers free business-quality conference calling with crystal clear 3D-immersive sound and visual cues
    so you hear every word and always know who’s talking even on 3G networks.
  28. PlagSpotter is a duplicate-content checker that allows users to put their webpage URLs in to start an Internet duplicate-content scanning and detection process.
  29. easel.ly: create and share visual ideas online
  30. mYYnews: pursue your passions and interests by assembling your own individual newssite
  31. RSS Graffiti: publish any RSS and Twitter feeds to Facebook, automatically.
  32. My Bing News will automatically pull the most important stories based on your interests from sources across the web into a personal My News homepage tailored just for you.
  33. Flumes: a snapshot of any social media conversation including the best links, images, videos and tweets on any topic and analytics around volume, sentiment and demographics.
  34. CrowdSquare: a place for networking and collaborating on any project from plugins to start-ups. Find programmers, designers, marketers, investors and more. Check out other projects they work on and see how they rate before collaborating with them.
  35. LinksWeaver a platform for creative people and entrepreneurs from any background or skill level to meet and team up on ideas and projects.
  36. Popcorn Maker makes it easy to enhance, remix and share web video.You can combine video and audio with content from the rest of the web — from text, links and maps to pictures and live feeds.
  37. Conferize: discover new conferences and join the action as it happens: People, conversations and content.
  38. Events-QR wants to bring together those who organize events with those who whould like to be there.
  39. TweetInsight: helps you spot the main topics your Twitter contacts are talking about; find about most tweeted #hashtags and take a look at the URLs your Twitter contacts have shared
  40. GroupDocs is an easy to use service for sharing and working with documents. It’s aimed at small to medium companies that need to get going quickly
  41. The Social Media Council Europe is a ‘brands-only’ peer-2-peer community to allow members to understand how social media impacts their roles, employers and industries.
  42. Business.me is the place to share and discover videos about business.
  43. Rankpanel offers webmasters all the basic insights needed to keep track of their search engine performance, be it paid or organic, for free.
  44. Shared Count: tack your shares, likes, tweets, and more.
  45. Botwitter is an easy and fast tool that will help you do marketing, advertising, real-time tweets using a calendar program, obtain statistics on the progress of its management and analyze and interpret the results to make smarter promotional activities.
  46. Sociabell is a browser add-on that saves you time, by letting you search Google, YouTube and more from Facebook Search box.
  47. TwooglePlus watches your Twitter account 24 hours a day and cross-posts your Tweets to your Google Plus circles
  48. 9Slides is a powerful communication tool, which allows users to create unique online experience using existing presentation videos and slides.
  49. Wavii: instant news feeds for any topic
  50. Zeeik is a social video curation website (self declared a video Wikipedia). The site allows users to collaboratively curate videos for zeeiks

Of course, there are many businesses we haven’t included, which deserve recognition. We have plans for the next weeks to review several businesses we haven’t announced. Your suggestions, as always, are welcome. Use the comments for feedback, or email me directly.

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