Nurturing Brand Connected Consumers for Better ROI

80% of the consumers have interaction with brands online, according to a JWT/Ogilvy Action, in collaboration with EXPO, online study across the US. Brand Connected Consumers (BCC) have more influence, and affect the opinion of others, as well as the potential sale of products from these companies.

BCCs are the true brand journalists, as well as brand advocates.

The study identified BCCs as 1 in 4 consumers, who are proactive, searching out for their favorite brands, in videos, websites, blogs, or social media networks. BCCs write about the brands and their offerings, at least once a week.

Jessica Thorpe, vice president of Marketing at EXPO, explained that BCCs are the true brand journalists, as well as brand advocates. This implies that companies should nurture relationships with such influencers, engaging them proactively, and always responding to their insights. Particularly considering that silence in the social space, seen as lack of acknowledgement, can be detrimental to sales and brand reputation.

“The BCC is truly a ‘brand journalist’ in the online space, their ability to share helpful, and often positive, information about a product or service to thousands of peers not only qualifies them as a brand advocate, but also demonstrates the extent of their influence.”

“In a landscape of channel blurring and intense competition, the shopping experience can serve as a great point of differentiation for retailers and CPG brands, BCCs are using social media outlets as the new customer service center, voicing their thoughts – good or bad – in a very visible and public way. We see this as another opportunity to extend that experience into the pre- and post-shopping space, to engage at key points throughout the shopper journey,” added Bridget Durica, Manager of Insights and Research at JWT/Ogilvy Action.

The effects of proactive engagement are measurable in ROI. When brands are engaged with their BCCs, sales soar. The negative outcome when brands do not respond to negative comments from their power users may lead to a whopping 56% loss of BCCs.

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