Advertising RFP Issued By State of Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) requests proposals to implement a radio advertising campaign that will increase visibility of MDVA services, particularly in outstate Minnesota and in historically under-served communities, by featuring interviews of Minnesota Veterans sharing their stories and encouraging Veterans to use the services available to them.


The State of Minnesota is committed to diversity and inclusion in its public procurement process. The goal is to ensure that those providing goods and services to the State are representative of our Minnesota communities and include businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, and those with substantial physical disabilities. Creating broader opportunities for historically under-represented groups provides for additional options and greater competition in the marketplace, creates stronger relationships and engagement within our communities, and fosters economic development and equality. To further this commitment, the Department of Administration operates a program for Minnesota-based small businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, and those with substantial physical disabilities. For additional information on this program, or to determine eligibility, please call 651-296-2600 or go to the Office of Equity in Procurement home page, at

Scope of Work:

Sample Tasks and Deliverables. 

• Be able to promote the agency by making the public knowledgeable about MDVA, its programs and services, and priorities of the agency.

• In partnership with the MDVA, identify Veterans willing to share their stories through interviews and photography.

• Conduct audio interviews of Veterans for peer-to-peer segments.

• Complete professional photography for Veterans who are interviewed.

• Provide custom music to accompany the broadcast interviews.

• Produce segments including both 90-second segments and 20-second segments.

• Arrange for airing of both 90-second and 20-second segments on multiple radio stations that reach across Minnesota including outstate and historically under-served communities

The term of this contract is anticipated to be from November 2020 to November 2022, with the option to extend up to an additional 3 one-year extensions as determined by the State. Question and Answer Instructions1. Work Plan. Responder should provide a description of the deliverables to be provided by the Responder along with a detailed work plan that identifies the major tasks to be accomplished and be used as a scheduling and managing tool, as well as the basis for invoicing. This document should NOT list cost detail. If cost detail is included in this document, the State may disqualify the proposal as non-responsive. Responder should provide a statement of the objectives, goals, and tasks to show or demonstrate the Responder’s view and understanding of the nature of the contract. Work Plan should also include: 

• Qualitative and/or Quantitative Goals and Objectives reflecting outputs and projected outcomes

• Ad Campaign options and ideas to amplify the radio reach 

• Radio station coverage map and station information 

• Details of schedule for airtime 

• Possible topics for 90-second and 20-second segments 

• Key Message ideas 

2. Qualifications and Experience. Responder should provide an outline of background and experience with examples of similar work done by the Responder and a list of personnel who will conduct the project, detailing their training, and work experience. Resumes or other information about project personnel should not, if possible, contain personal telephone numbers, home addresses, or home email addresses. If it is necessary to include personal contact information, please clearly indicate in the response that personal contact information is being provided. Qualifications and Experience should also include:

• Why responder is the best choice for this assignment 

• Clients and Partners with examples of past projects completed with them

Due Date:

December 1 


Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Service Building, 2nd Floor

20 West 12th Street

Saint Paul MN 55155

Agencies to consider include Finn Partners and Zeno group.

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