The purpose of this RFP is to invite Respondents to submit their Proposal for the provision of Services. The intent of this RFP is to identify a primary full service agency who is passionate about educating, influencing, and changing perceptions and behaviour in occupational health and safety. WorkSafeBC is seeking a strategic partner who will collaboratively work with WorkSafeBC’s internal experience, marketing and creative services teams, as well as with WorkSafeBC’s partners and other agencies as required to provide a range of brand, strategic advertising, and creative marketing services. Respondents with a demonstrated experience in tackling complex problems in creative ways and who have both the capacity and capabilities to support an organization the size and complexity of WorkSafeBC are encourage to submit a Proposal.

WorkSafeBC is an independent statutory agency that serves nearly 2.3 million workers and about 200,000 employers throughout British Columbia. It is funded through insurance premiums paid by registered employers and through investment returns. The Act empowers WorkSafeBC to enforce occupational health and safety standards, provide legislated compensation and rehabilitation benefits to injured workers or their dependents, and collect funds from businesses to operate the workers’ compensation system. Please refer to WorkSafeBC’s website at for additional information regarding WorkSafeBC.

Scope of Work:

(a) Strategy and planning: 

i. Provide marketing and strategic counsel, including building knowledge and understanding of WorkSafeBC’s business, developing consumer insights and collaborating with the WorkSafeBC team on new ideas and integrated business solutions; and 

ii. Provide research and industry insights that complement and support WorkSafeBC’s understanding of its customers in delivering effective campaigns, program and initiatives.

(b) Campaign production, delivery and reporting: i. Execute all aspects of innovative campaign strategies to promote behavioral change in occupational health and safety, including reporting requirements as determined by our business needs; ii. Communications and media consulting including media purchasing; and iii. Minority language advertising services.

(c) Measurement and lessons learned:

i. Provide proactive effectiveness measures including output and outcome reporting; and ii. Provide recommendations based on strategy for measurement of effectiveness and lessons learned.

(d) Brand stewardship: 

i. Support WorkSafeBC’s brand strategy and architecture for the WorkSafeBC brand across all channels and assets; ii. Champion WorkSafeBC’s brand standards and provide recommendation for its evolution; and iii. Provide processes and guidance to support a consistent customer experience across all assets and programs.

(e) Creative development, idea generation and design services:

i. Build on research and insights through the briefing process and collaborative working sessions to develop innovative campaigns, programs and initiatives to reach our target audiences; and 

Ii. Provide digital marketing strategies and solutions to reach customers and to support WorkSafeBC’s owned digital channels (well-established digital expertise, including social media).

(f) Project, account management, reporting and billing services:

i. Provide a dedicated expert to represent WorkSafeBC’s account interests, to lead and manage project work on a campaign by campaign basis, to attend regular status meetings and face-to-face meetings, and to attend to reporting, as required; 

ii. Provide financial, administrative and technical resources to support an account the size, complexity and scope of WorkSafeBC’s account;

iii. Manage and support an integrated and collaborative approach with WorkSafeBC’s service providers; and

iv. Provide an experienced account team that is dedicated to WorkSafeBC’s business.

July 31 


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Relevant agencies worth considering for this assignment include APCO Worldwide and Edelman PR.

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