The City of Chesapeake, Chesapeake Economic Development is soliciting sealed proposals from qualified firms to establish an annual contract through competitive negotiation for the development of strategic and comprehensive marketing, advertising and communications plan in promotion of the City of Chesapeake as a prime destination for business location and expansion.


Based in southeast Virginia, Chesapeake is situated in the heart of Coastal Virginia, and offers a unique blend of urban and rural settings – just one of the many reasons Money magazine ranked the city as one of the country’s top 100 best places to live in 2010. The city’s inimitable quality of life for residents also makes it a desirable meeting and leisure travel destination. Chesapeake’s winning combination of accommodations, meeting venues, attractions and activities provides plenty of options no matter your agenda.

With its central location in the Mid-Atlantic, Chesapeake is within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the U.S. population. Served by interstate highways, an international airport in neighboring Norfolk and two executive airports. Chesapeake is easy to get to and impossible to forget.

Chesapeake Economic Development is committed to offering businesses from all industries the necessary tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the dynamic Chesapeake economy. We support local, national and global business ventures with multiple services that incorporate the area’s vast economic opportunities. Our dedicated staff works to provide your business with resources such as site selection, marketing services and demographic data, in addition to investment guidance and expertise. Whether a business is looking to start, expand or relocate their company in Chesapeake, Chesapeake Economic Development is always prepared to help do business.

Scope of Work:

The offeror selected shall be a full service advertising agency experienced in economic development marketing. Interested Offerors must be able to demonstrate measurable success in previous economic development, community or tourism marketing campaigns on behalf of Economic Development Organizations and/or local governments.

It is our desire to retain a partner to steer our programs in a direction that maximizes both funds and efforts. This plan should begin with research to confirm brand identity and include further development of our existing marketing campaign. Chesapeake Economic Development is seeking firms with proven track records in strategic marketing and brand development including cohesive messaging in advertising, social media, content, and public relations. The primary goal is to increase the overall visibility to attract the city’s targeted business sectors, as outlined in the strategic plan, through a comprehensive and cohesive strategy with a qualified invested partner that we can then access as needed.

Needed deliverables, requirements, services and work performed shall include, but not be limited to:

1. A successful marketing campaign, both regionally and nationally, to attract businesses to Chesapeake, Virginia with special emphasis on capital investment, employment, increasing the tax base, etc.

2. The contractor is expected to work in close cooperation with the department’s marketing team and web development liaison, providing the digital and editorial copies and creative direction for both the web site and the marketing materials.

3. Collaborate and produce the annual report with Chesapeake Economic Development and related business partners. Our partners include, but are not limited to, manufacturers, retail establishments, nonprofits, elected officials, real estate agencies, regional and state organizations, private and/or public schools, etc.

4. Develop a recommended marketing and communications plan that identifies short/long term strategies and tactics for maximizing the brand’s value to the City. Include an advertising plan with recommended digital, programmatic and traditional media.

5. Provide routine reporting and data metrics for social media, website, ads, and other marketing initiatives inclusive of Google Analytics, AdWords, and other key performance indicators.

6. Work closely with department staff as well as allies and partners.

7. Quarterly updates or idea sessions on new collateral

Due Date:

3:00 PM, EST, on Thursday, December 12, 2019


Office of the Chief Procurement

Officer in the Purchasing Division, 5th Floor

City Hall Building

306 Cedar Road

Chesapeake, Virginia, 23322

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Makovsky PR.

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