American Express Allows Viewers to Buy Items during TV shows, Launches Interactive TV Channel

American Express announced today some interesting media partnerships with FOX and NBCUniversal created to offer engaging shopping experiences and provide Cardmembers with exclusive offers.

Through the partnership with the Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) the latter will provide a first-of-its-kind “T-commerce” (Television Commerce) program enabling people to shop while watching the “New Girl” show. Viewers can purchase items seen in the show using the FOX NOW suite of Apps for iPad and at Each episode of the show will include at least one item that can be acquired. Moreover, buyers who use an eligible American Express Card to buy items from the show that they have synced with their Facebook account can receive a USD35 one-time statement.

“At American Express, we are constantly using emerging technologies to create real value for our Cardmembers and give them more of what they love by delivering unique benefits to them,” said Lou Paskalis, Vice President of Global Media Content Development and Mobile Marketing, American Express. “The technology that we are pioneering along with our partners is the first step in fundamentally changing the way that audiences can discover, engage with and ultimately have access to the things they see on television. The integration of commerce enablement into the television and mobile experience creates multiple contextually relevant opportunities to provide exclusive or enhanced benefits to American Express Cardmembers in the comfort of their own living rooms and in the most convenient way for them.”

The other partnership, with NBCUniversal & Zeebox, also enables users to buy items featured in their favourite shows such as Bravo’s “Life After Top Chef,” E!’s “Fashion Police,” and Style’s “Tia & Tamera.” NBCUniversal’s Daily Candy presents the show-inspired products that can be purchased. American Express Cardmembers who choose to sync their eligible card through their Facebook or Twitter account can receive a one-time USD35 statement credit.

American Express and BrightLine has also launched today what they say is the largest Interactive TV campaign ever executed, including a new branded channel that will serve as an “always-on” brand hub. This channel will provide Cardmembers and prospects access to shared member stories, games, special offers and more, always refreshing its content in order to provide up-to-date and relevant information for viewers.

“As technology advances at an unprecedented rate and consumer expectations rapidly evolve as a result, businesses must adapt,” said Lou Paskalis, Vice President of Global Media Content Development and Mobile Marketing, American Express. “At American Express, we strive to be at the forefront of that transition by delivering opportunities and services to our current and future customers. This era of continuous digital innovation has allowed us to create a versatile platform to engage audiences in new and exciting ways. The AMEX Channel will deliver for us an ‘always on’ means for showcasing our services, within the television medium, shortening the pathway from discovery to engagement. We are pleased to be working with BrightLine in this initiative and appreciate the dedication that they and our communications planning agency, Mindshare, have exhibited in helping us to achieve our vision in the advanced television space.”

“The interactive TV experience will allow viewers to explore the benefits of membership, discover what cards are right for them, play games, find out what is new from American Express and watch original content. The experience is designed to connect with viewers in all the ways we know they now use their remote control and it represents a leap forward in TV advertising,” said Jacqueline Corbelli, Founder, Chairman and CEO, BrightLine.

American Express Public Relations team includes Makovsky PR, Ogilvy PR, and many others.

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