Michael Moore Attempting A Message Of Unity

Michael Moore

Infamous documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has made a career out of celebrating liberal ideas and giving conservatives fits. He has never shied away from controversy or worried over much if his ideas might be pushing a conversation too far one way.

If there was one thread throughout all his commentary and movies, though, it was that the “little guy” or “Joe Sixpack America,” was getting the shaft. Workers were being hosed by the powers that be. Blue collar Dems loved him. White collar Dems did their best to tolerate the slobbish, ball-capped filmmaker. Then, about halfway through the last Presidential campaign, Moore said something that shocked pundits – and more than a few voters – on both sides of the political aisle. He predicted a Trump win … and by a healthy margin. Dems said he was nuts. Reps waited for the punchline or the other shoe to drop. There was no way Moore agreed with them.

But he did … and he was right. One of the few public media figures who accurately read the tea leaves of American populism. Now, Moore is turning heads and raising eyebrows once again.

After performing his one-man Broadway show, “The Terms of My Surrender,” Moore strode down the Avenue of the Americas with a retinue that included a fife and drum corps, heading to a big party chock full of top liberal icons including Gloria Steinem, TV host Rosie O’Donnell, and model Christie Brinkley. Was Moore really going full-tilt ‘Murica? Let’s listen to what he said:

“I say this to the people who disagree with me, we’re all Americans. We’re all in the same boat, and we’re going to sink or swim together. I prefer not to sink. So, let’s find a way, if we can, to work together to save this country…”

Does that mean his Broadway show is attractive to all audiences? Well, not exactly. There’s no doubt that the red meat of Moore’s program is decidedly … blue.

Moore’s explanation is both poetic and direct: “I’m here to preach to the choir because the choir needs a song to sing. The choir has been severely depressed since November, and it’s time to rise up and get out of it. Snap out of it. We’re the majority. This is our country. We hold the reins, now we want the power back…” There are a good many that would find fault with at least some of that statement, but Moore is hardly the only liberal who doesn’t understand why the Democratic Party can’t seem to find a cohesive, positive message for America. Nor is he the only one who worries they will not be relevant again until they do.

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