Corporate PR: Procter and Gamble’s Online Marriage – A Pitiful Engagement

Proctor and Gamble Public Relations

Procter and Gamble is gambling some more according to the news from Daily Finance. The Gamble? One of the world’s largest corporations is betting you are dumb enough to have faith in their products. What’s more, their pitiful PR efforts in dealing with the Pampers Dry Max affair have apparently led P & G to believe they are some kind of force in the social sphere.

Let’s get to the “down and dirty” of Procter & Gamble, big business, and this whole Pampers mess shall we? I spent the better part of the day yesterday looking for more data to provide the reader as far as P & G trustworthiness, insight into their seemingly stoic treatment of social media, the angered Facebook Moms, and other information that would paint that company in a true light.

I erased it. Why? You don’t need that much information to decide if P & G as a brand is someone you can trust. You are not as stupid (at least not the core of social networking) P & G or any huge corporate juggernaut thinks you are. Now they have launched an E-Commerce site, right in your face people of the world – just to show their power over the painfully dimwitted.

Is It a Good Day When All the News is Bad?

All anyone has to do it read the news. Let me tell you what you will learn from doing so, what this says about Pampers and the whole stinking mess of corporate malfeasance. As the old southern saying goes; “A tiger cannot change its stripes.” Procter and Gamble has one of the worst records in the world at being truthful. You can Google Procter and Gamble and find your own evidence, be prepared to get tired of reading cases on P & G denying wrongful injury claims and then settling them though.

Forget P & G, and all their dozens of subsidiaries, for a second. The International Olympic Committee failed the Vancouver athletes earlier this year, saw one Nodar Kumaritashvili get his head nearly knocked off exiting the Whistler Slide Center track, and then blamed the athlete for his own death. They still have not amended their position to this day, even after thousands of scathing commentaries on their horrible PR – the tough track so to speak. Let’s move forward.

Investment giant Goldman Sachs pretty much help bend all of America over the kitchen table, did not even bother to offer Americans a kiss, stole their wallets, and had the unmitigated audacity to give out billions in bonuses while you were begging for your job, begging the mortgage company, or watching your savings go towards bills – again the so called tough track. Oh, but there is more.

British Petroleum enters the scene, in the midst of several years of business and political schemes the likes of which the world has never seen (play Google search on corporate malfeasance for fun). BP pretty much pukes crude oil all over the Gulf of Mexico, destroying millions of creatures, and the livelihoods of thousands – the dinner tables of everyone in America – and takes the “tough line” as Tony Hayward speaks of one of America’s treasured shores as if a million barrels of oil is chicken feed. Add to this allegations (and as always the denial thereof) that United State Department of the Interior officials are on the “big oil” payroll.

Earth to Moms – Wake Up

Need I go on? Are you with me? There is no good news, can’t you read? Sorry to be so blunt here, but it’s time for some tough talk by everyday people, by those with some day in social media and networking – maybe the last place on Earth where any of us matter in the least. Pampers shows some unwitting Mommy Bloggers the way to corporate nirvana, spices up their own Facebook profile, begins (however ham handedly) their social pitch digitally, and the world sits on its behind and watches them kick us all in the butt. I don’t think so.

Procter and Gamble PR

Since 1966 A place you could count on P & G’s largest diaper factory

You should just read some of the “moving” stories from Moms (some quite articulate) and their experiences with beloved Pampers. If these do not disgust you, maybe you need a Pampers banner on your blog.  Instead of rushing to the aid of fellow Moms whose kids may have been harmed (on the lawsuits will tell) by Pampers Dry Max, the “Pampers Moms” are taking two basic tracks. Either (A) STFU I may get egg on my face, or (B) fight to the last breath because I stand by Pampers as an altruistic endeavor by Procter and Gamble – the resident mother goddess of child and family caring. Are you reading all this stuff?

Procter and Gamble has been in the brainwashing game, hell, they invented the modern game with their soap operas. Now they engage the same audience, all-be-it in the digital realm. Then when the power of people, customers, Moms to talk back is invoked – they slap the hands that have fed them, and the small babies of Moms. Summoning once again, with the lure of soap suds. Living rooms full to the Walmart chandeliers with soap suds. So many coupons, diaper samples, China made cupid dolls and BS trinkets the average soccer Mom cannot resist.

Procter and Gamble has been associated with a veritable waterfall of chemical warfare on its customers since when. Like BP and 100 others, the company pays more than everyone reading this will ever make just in advertising. It’s an ROI thing. Lie to your face, tickle your tender mercies (and your commercial greedy side) and POOF! No need to strive to hard to make better products, just cheaper ones. Lobby money, free Mommy Blogger tokens, billions in ads? These go along well with ill treatment of employees, animal cruelty, people dieing from ill advised product developments and the like.

When Is Enough Enough?

Just because you are not dead, yet, is just a calculated risk when you get down to it. Do you think because big corporations are evil, that we are stupid? We are pretty far past conspiracy theories people. You know, the ones you used to say; “No way, that could not happen?” Well, they are happening now, all around us. The Consumer Products Safety Commission is going to protect you, you say? Are you suicidal? Even if they wanted to they could not. The fact is business has grown so big even your President (every world citizen’s President) is either part of big business, or helpless to do anything real about it.

Just so you know, in the past your lovely CPSC has not only appointed Procter and Gamble scientists and executives to their advisory boards, but has “Awarded” that company and others honors for their humanity. You read that right. An agency which is supposed to “watch dog” your safety is in bed with the people who could care less about anything but money.

Cuddly images of Mommies and their darling little ones, swaddled in Procter and Gamble fuzzies, cooing at one another in sheer ecstasy at the spiritual connection between “Big shot” stockholders and Mommy’s pride and joy. You think Hollywood is real don’t you? It would be nice if it were. But, the reality is Proctor and Gamble is a lot less like Santa Claus, and much more like Jason.

PR firms that represent Procter & Gamble include Ketchum PR, MSL Group & Marina Maher Communications

Editor’s Note: This piece is editorial in nature and expresses to a large extent the author’s opinion on Procter and Gamble and other major corporations. The reader is entitled to their own opinion obviously. In fact, we urge readers to formulate their own opinion based not on this writer’s, nor on corporate literature, but the body of suggested evidence out there and to come.

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