Canadian City Wants Promotional Videos Made


The City of Quesnel in Canada invites proposals from experienced firms to develop three to four short promotional videos of Quesnel. The videos will promote Quesnel as a place to live and visit. The primary objective is to attract professionals, skilled trade workers, and young families to Quesnel. The City of Quesnel has recently rebranded and the videos must exemplify the brand. Where past videos have given a community overview, or delivered a generic “open for business” message, the new videos should be clear, concise, and compelling.

The City of Quesnel will use these videos in the promotion of Quesnel via social media, on our website, and on screens in our airport.


The City of Quesnel’s Brand Strategy and Brand Guidelines are provided as resources. The City of Quesnel’s Rebranding project aims to tell a better story about the community. Prior to embarking on that project, Quesnel had a poorly defined community identity, and inconsistent marketing collateral. The business community asked for better marketing of the community overall. Visiting physicians told the City’s Healthcare Recruitment team that it was difficult to convince their families to come to Quesnel because it was poorly represented online. The old logo did not resonate with younger residents and there was no clear message or call to action in many of the City’s materials.

The City’s new website was the first step in implementing the new brand. The production of new videos will be part of further implementation of the brand into a new City of Quesnel print brochure, an updated tourism website, a social media campaign aimed at resident attraction, and additional print and online marketing.

Scope of Work:

  1. Pre-production – Work with City staff in refining the objective and developing a script and storyboard for each video.
  2. Videography – schedule and complete filming of Quesnel to highlight a wide variety of activities in various locations in and around the community, through different seasons. Video should be shot in high definition, enabling the use of still shots to be pulled from the video for print.
  3. Editing – provide edited footage with voiceover as determined in pre-production. Allow for adjustments based on feedback from staff.
  4. Deliver three to four videos, as agreed upon signing of contract and all B-Roll footage to City of Quesnel for use as determined by the City.

Due Date:

August 9, 2017


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