WebTrends Analytics Now Measures Facebook


WebTrends, a company with a focus in customer intelligence, has just announced their newest development, Facebook measuring. Their tool, WebTrends Analytics, can now measure what is going on in Facebook.

With 400 million users, Facebook has a large audience to market to. WebTrends Analytics makes it far easier to see just what is going on with those users, who spend an average of an hour on the popular social media site every day. The advertising on the site is going through the roof and being able to see precisely what is going on helps marketers produce more targeted ads.

This new version of WebTrends Analytics allows marketers to see clicks on buttons, including the Like and Share buttons, and collects information on applications. The reason for this is that the Facebook apps use Javascript, which Facebook itself doesn’t use. WebTrends users will also be able to see conversions that occur within Facebook, Twitter activity that drives traffic to Facebook fan pages, and fan page activity, as well.

With this new tool in their hands, marketers who have been drooling over the millions of Facebook users can now put their knowledge to better use and create better ads that are very targeted. It’s a big industry and these advances can mean the difference between a little money and a big return.

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