Articulon Public Relations Hired by MainSail

Articulon Public Relations

MainSail of Beaufort, a development of 48 houses just outside Beaufort, NC, has decided to hire Articulon to handle public relations for the development. Articulon will be handling publicity for MainSail and hopes to educate the public on why they should consider co-ownership in choosing a second home. They intend to focus mainly on the areas immediately surrounding the project, with about a three hour radius.

“We are excited to work with Richard and his team on this project,” says Cindy Stranad, APR, Articulon principal. “It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to share new, unique and exciting concepts like MainSail’s co-ownership.”

The housing development is an elegant one, offering three story townhouses with an elevator, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a two-car garage and a roof terrace in each house. They also feature double porches. The real draw, however, are the on site services. MainSail offers a pool, hot tub and cabana. They also provide full concierge services, so it’s much like living at a resort. The residential area has a clubhouse with a spa, gym and a meeting space, as well.

Articulon prides themselves on providing hands on campaigns for their clients, carefully tailored to meet the individual needs of the situation. They have worked with a number of notable clients, including AKC, Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina, Defond North America, Panera Bread and Saks Fifth Ave.

“Articulon’s record of success makes it the perfect partner for this project,” says Richard Stockett, MainSail of Beaufort developer. “They are creating a buzz around co-ownership and the many great features the MainSail development offers.”

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