Ashley Black: A Life Before and After FasciaBlaster

Ashley Black: A Life Before and After FasciaBlaster
Ashley Black: A Life Before and After FasciaBlaster

Ashley Black – Childhood

Ashley Black grew up a normal kid in Alabama, but with a debilitating disease called Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA), often referred to by doctors today as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).  So, Ashley Black’s childhood was not so normal at all.

FasciaBlaster maker Ashley Black as a girl.
Ashley Black as a young gymnast

Early on, Ashley Black chose not to accept the life and the fate her disability would inevitably bring. Cultivating and honing an internal fighting spirit she would have no idea how much she would need in the future, Ashley spent her first 20 years defying every doctor prognosis she received. She intuitively took control of her symptoms through food charting, hot and cold baths, consistent stretching, and relentless strength training.  Ashley Black, now a relentlessly hardworking teenager, surprised everyone including her doctors by becoming a competitive gymnast.

Ashley Black’s Early Training

Bill Kazmaier, taught Ashley Black about health, fitness, and entrepreneurship
Strongman Legend and Ashley Black Mentor Bill Kazmaier

During her college years, Ashley Black worked as a fitness instructor at a small, sturdy gym, owned by William ‘Bill’ Kazmaier, the man deemed “the strongest man in the World”. Kazmaier, who is one of only two men in history to win the world’s strongman competition three times in a row (1980, ’81, ’82) opened S.W.A.T. gym in Opelika, Alabama which he still runs today. S. W. A. T. gym, where Ashley Black worked throughout college as a fitness instructor, served as a place for Kazmaier to train and as headquarters for DynaKaz Inc., Kazmaier’s own exercise equipment import-export company, which markets fitness products worldwide.

Not only was Ashley Black lucky to train and learn from some of the Strongman greats, but Kazmaier showed Black early in her career how to be a dynamic and inspiring health and fitness entrepreneur.

After college, Black worked in nutrition with one of the most well-known weight management companies in the country and continued to teach fitness classes. Ashley also helped others get the proper certifications needed to become fitness instructors for the major fitness chain that employed her. Her passionate pursuit to overcome this disability and her love of helping others to do the same for themselves matured in these early years.

Ashley Black’s Moment Near Death

Ashley Black had no idea her path would take such a drastic turn in her twenties when she entered the hospital to have a hip aspiration, a routine procedure where the fluid is drained from the hip with a large needle.

Ashley did not realize this would be a forever life-altering moment.  

The needle from this routine procedure had induced a flesh-eating bacteria in her bone marrow system that came inches away from taking her life. Every doctor, friend and family member, and even Ashley thought her life was over.

With fierce determination and summoning that fighting spirit, Ashley Black fought through what many people do not and survived. Left with a severely damaged hip, pelvis, and spine,  Ashley Black was staring down an exhausting future monopolized by pain and a life forever crippled.

Taking Fate Into Her Own Hands

Once again, with that ‘Ashley Black’ fighting will to not only live but thrive, she persevered and decided to take her fate back into her own two hands. Ashley traveled to India to undergo a procedure to receive custom pelvic implants, embarking on a global journey of self-healing. This time Ashley was drawing from her desire to find ultimate purpose in her pain and from the deepest motivation of all –  her three kids!

Ashley Black’s Self-Healing Research Quest

After studying medical modalities all over the world from the oldest forms cultivated by the earliest medicinal gurus in the Far East to the newest waves of pharmaceutical research coming from the most brilliant iatric minds of the West, Ashley Black finally found a formula that allowed her to live a more-than-functional life. At the epicenter of her medical victory was a new calling: a life devoted to studying, developing and researching new solutions and ultimately helping others with their own pain as she had learned to heal herself. The focus of her study was on a system of the body relatively unknown called fascia.

Ashley Black’s “Yoda-style” methodologies were a quick success in the United States and led to Ashley opening Fasciology clinics where she trained health professionals in her methods.  Ashley Black, known to many as the “secret weapon” helped professional athletes and celebrities of every kind for years to follow.

Ashley Black Shares Her Secret with the World

Ashley’s intuitive sense, her unmatched personal passion and the scientific knowledge to back up her work, gave her the ability to “fix” mystery issues that no one else could. Ashley attributes this crucial ability to a combination of her own “near-death experience, a divine knowledge… and years of focused, purposeful work.”

By spending hours upon hours inside medical journals and traveling all over the world to talk to the minds of medicine at the forefront of their work, Ashley Black crafted a self-help method. Ashley knew all of this work deserved to be shared with others just like her, desperately seeking answers to their constant and chronic pain.

What is Fascia with Ashley Black and the FasciaBlaster
Ashley Black is the foremost thought leader and researcher on all things FASCIA

The birth of the FasciaBlaster™ is the quintessential story of “Necessity Breeds Invention.”

Ashley Black had always wanted to impart the knowledge and felt like people would get to know their bodies and pursue a fascia centric life if they could have a taste. She already had the idea for what the tool needed to do, and the designs in her head. One day a man who had survived Stage 4 Lymphoma came into her clinic. Ashley and her Fasciologists ™ started working with him to help his ravaged body that was void of lymph nodes. He became a believer.

Turns out, he helped inventors and business people partner with manufacturers.  Ashley said to this man “Hey, I need to talk to you,” as she sketched the first FasciaBlaster™ on a to-go box. He decided that if he had a passion for this project, others would too, and they made the prototypes in 2012.

Ashley Black + FasciaBlaster™ = Phenomenon

After only a few revisions the FasciaBlaster™ was perfect, but It took many years to get the FasciaBlaster™ to market. She believed in the product, but the process was painstaking. Many athletes that worked with Ashley previously were using the product, but the trick was selling it to the general public who did not know about fascia.

Determined to see her product come to life, Ashley found her success with key messaging and a sense of ‘realness’ in Facebook advertising.  After a small group who was willing to try it had epic success, the growth trajectory of the FasciaBlaster skyrocketed and the rest was history.

Let’s flash forward to 2019.

Ashley Black and Fasciablaster's The Cellulite Myth
Ashley Black’s The Cellulite Myth

The Ashley Black Guru brand name has sold over one million units of her product line that includes the FasciaBlaster™. Today, Ashley Black has one of Americaʼs fastest-growing private companies (growing at over a 700% increase in three years).  Millions of loyal followers and fans pamper her with support on social media. She has written a #1 national best-selling book, The Cellulite Myth: It’s Not Fat its Fascia and a second book called The Cellulite Myth Daily Companion Guide: Your 12-week Journey to Transformation. Ashley has given a TEDx talk about the medicine behind her products and her story. She has new tools and new products in development, a peer-reviewed research project ready to present at conferences around the world, and most importantly continues to watch as her users’ daily lives are transformed by the FasciaBlaster™ tools!

The most exciting new development:

Ashley Black and the FasciaBlaster™ are Going Global!

Ashley Black's fasciology
Ashley Black’s Fasciology™

Ashley Blackʼs Charge

Ashley Black ultimately hopes to further the science and medicine that has helped her and make sure that Fasciologists™ secure all of that knowledge to continue to teach and improve the lives of others after she has transitioned from this natural world. To accomplish this, Ashley believes that she needs to reach the “tipping point” of mass acceptance. She plans to do this by acquiring 10+ million followers and users, expand to the global market, establish a college curriculum, and train her predecessors. Ashley plans to back this effort by presenting this groundbreaking fascia research at major worldwide medical conferences and compelling other scientists to take her tools and methods and apply them to vast areas of the healing sciences in ongoing research. She also plans to create a series of game-changing documentaries for the general public to have the truth about fascia revealed.


All New Study coming from the team at Ashley Black Guru and the FasciaBlaster that medically supports FasciaBlaster’s ability to do some really amazing things for the human body!

Take a Look at the Findings!

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster and the Peer-Reviewed Study by Cogent Medicine
Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster and the Peer-Reviewed Study by Cogent Medicine
The Cogent medicine Study on Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster
The Cogent medicine Study on Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster


Click here to see the peer-reviewed and published study.

Ashley Black Wins Entrepreneur of the Year – 2020

In recent and exciting news out of the Ashley Black Guru camp, the U.S.A.’s premier business awards program, the American Business Awards honored Ashley with the highest honor given throughout the year by the prestigious platform. Ashley received 2020 American Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year – Health Products and Services. All organizations operating in the U.S.A. are eligible for nominations – public and private, for-profit and nonprofit, large and small. More than 3,600 nominations from top organizations in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories.

How Cellulite Saved My Life – TED Talk

Ashley Black also saw the overdue release of her 2018 TED Talk, How Cellulite Saved My Life. Ashley gave her talk during a day-long TEDxWillowCreek event in Chicago. Ashley was one of a shortlist of powerful and influential women from every walk of life that were all asked to bring their knowledge to the TED platform that day.  Ashley spoke about her decades of research on fascia manipulation and reported the peer-reviewed and scientifically-backed conclusions that fascia manipulation reduces systemic inflammation and reduces pain in all parts of the body, it calms the appearance of cellulite to almost nothing, it regenerates fascia connective tissue (the only non-invasive treatment to do so in history), it speeds your metabolic rate,  along with a host of other positive and healthy effects that it has on our bodies.  To watch Ashley’s TED Talk, click on the link below to find the video on youTube. 

Ashley Black Speaks to ideas of fascia manipulation and cellulite transformation to almost nothing.

Ashley Black Guru and her FasciaBlaster logo
Ashley Black Guru and her FasciaBlaster

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