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Ashley Black Guru and FasciaBlaster
Ashley Black Guru

Who is the Woman Behind the FasciaBlaster Cellulite-Busting Tool?

Ashley Black is a New York Times Bestselling Author, founder of Ashley Black Guru and inventor of the incredibly popular FasciaBlaster, But before she became Ashley Black Guru and before there was a Fascia Blaster, Ashley Black lived a life full of obstacles that she battled and defeated more than once. 

Born in Alabama in 1972, Ashley was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis as a young girl, which came with scores of pain throughout most of her childhood. After spending much of her youth in doctor’s offices, she was told that she would be using a wheelchair by the age of 25. Ashley refused to accept this diagnosis and sought out to prove the doctors wrong. 

Ashley worked hard and developed mechanisms to deal with her daily aches and pains. She embraced strength training, self-massaging, food charting, stretching, and cold baths to cope with her disability. Ashley refused to take any medication believing there was a better alternative. The dedication to improving her health made her develop a love for competitive athletics and sports throughout her college life. 

Then, in her mid-20s, Ashley Black entered the hospital for a routine hip aspiration. From the draining of her hip that day in that hospital, Ashley contracted a flesh-eating bacteria in her bone marrow and came terrifyingly close to ending her life altogether.

Determined to restore her quality of life, Ashley traveled to India for pelvic implants. She even traveled across the globe, studying every type of medicine, which allowed her to find the proper formula for living a useful and optimized existence. She became devoted to researching new, non-pharmacological solutions and studying more to help others. Ashley’s methods were very successful in the United States and led to her opening a set of Fasciology clinics. Ashley Black became known as “the secret weapon,” after she helped many celebrities and professional athletes fix performance issues and pain.

Where FasciaBlaster and Ashley Black Guru Originated?

Ashley Black knew she had many different inventions that could help people with their fascia. With plans to expand even beyond the FasciaBlaster, she decided to build an entire company around her own experience. She began building a host of websites and social media platforms to share her story and expertise and branded herself, Ashley‌ ‌Black‌ ‌Guru, because she is undeniably a real Guru of Fascia and the first person to show in ultrasound imaging what her tools do.

The FasciaBlaster

The Original FasciaBlaster by Ashley Black Guru

It was a necessity that brought the FasciaBlaster into the world. Ashley learned that in manipulating the Fascia in her body, she could ease pains that nothing else could alleviate. Ashley worked with her clients to reduce their aches and pains in the very same way. She would replicate the techniques she had used on herself. Ashley found that fascia manipulation had the same effect on her clients, so long as these techniques were performed regularly, even daily.

 At that moment, Ashley Black saw the need for a mass-produced version of the tool and got to work.  Ashley invented, designed, tested, manufactured, and launched this new self-massage tool to mass-market. Finally, there was a fascia manipulation tool that clients could use at home. The FasciaBlaster was born. 

While there are many techniques invented to address Fascia, including skin pulling or rolling, blading, fascial flossing, and fascial stretching, the FasciaBlaster created a more natural method. The FasciaBlaster became a safe and more productive method of self-treatment.

How the FasciaBlaster Guru Makes Her Day Productive

Ashley Black encourages the idea of people living their best life regardless of the prevailing circumstances. Ashley spends every day dedicated to her happiness, well being, and body. She recently relocated to a Blue Zone where other people live happy and healthier lives with some living to over a hundred years. Ashley is most productive when she inspires her audience, which requires that she “talk the talk” and “walk the walk” to serve her company best.

Ashley Black places a premium on mental wellness and health and is devoted to the practices of meditation and mental stillness. Ashley has found methods that deliver her to the perfect state of work-life balance. She is creative and happy, making smarter decisions that help her employees achieve the Ashley Black Guru vision. Her typical day involves working on essential company strategies, daily meetings, and interacting with her customers through her social media platforms.

Understanding fascia and the FasciaBlaster with Ashley Black
Ashley Black and the FasciaBlaster

Ashley Black’s FasciaBlasting Business Strategy

An entrepreneurial success, Ashley Black listens to her instinct to improve herself and her company. She emphasizes authenticity and transparency with clients. Ashley Black Guru has acquired a massive base of loyal customers who are willing to share the Fascia Blaster brand around the world and is now one of the fastest-growing brands in America today.

Fascia Blaster Gets the Thumbs Up in Peer-Reviewed Study 

Recently, the FasciaBlaster was studied by a team of reputable,  scholarly researchers who also specialize in sports performance, muscle growth, and nutrition. After 90 days of conducting research, their report, titled “The effects of fascia manipulation with fascia devices on myofascial tissue, subcutaneous fat, and cellulite in adult women” was peer-reviewed and published in Cogent Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal. 

After gaining insights from several test subjects that used Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster, the researchers came to a host of conclusions. All in all, the news was good for Ashley Black and the FasciaBlaster.

The FasciaBlaster Peer-Reviewed Study Shows

  • Evidence of the overall safety of the FasciaBlaster tools and fascia manipulation 
  • Increased Resting Metabolism
  • Signs of Improved Collagen Remodeling 
  • A decrease in the APPEARANCE of cellulite 
  • A reduction of inflammation and subcutaneous fat
  • Improvement in fascia compaction and smoothing

Perhaps most importantly, this study of the FasciaBlaster provides evidence of the overall safety of the FasciaBlaster tools and fascia manipulation protocols used in the study. 

Click on the title below to read the peer-reviewed and published study.

The Effects of Fascia Manipulation with Fascia Devices on Myofascial Tissue, Subcutaneous Fat, and Cellulite in Adult Women

T Bart Jameson, Ashley D. Black, Matthew H. Sharp, Jacob M. Wilson, Matthew W. Stefan & Swetanshu Chaudhari

FasciaBlaster Family of self-massage tools
A Family of Fascia Blasters

100% Truths We All Should Know about the FasciaBlaster:  

The FasciaBlaster is NOT a battery-powered product. 


You do not plug the Fascia Blaster into the wall for power. It does not need electricity. 


The Fascia Blaster is an inanimate object entirely and wholly manipulated by the human holding the product. 


The human holding the Fascia Blaster has 100% control of the Fascia Blaster at every moment. 


The Fascia Blaster does not control the human. It would drop to the floor and lay lifeless until a human came to pick it up and move it. It will not and can not move on its own accord. 


The FasciaBlaster cannot recklessly bruise anyone or anything without the help of a human to manipulate it.


The human who holds the Fascia Blaster is the ONLY person responsible for effects presented as a result of the INCORRECT use of the self-massage tool.


Ashley Black Guru and the fasciaBlaster in INC 5000

The DownSide to Moving Up in the World: Lawsuit Filed with Ashley Black Guru as Defendant

Ashley Black released the Fascia Blaster in 2016. The Fascia Blaster product line and the Ashley Black Guru brand and business shot out of the cannon and grew like wildfire. In a busy marketplace where competitors are on every side, becoming that big that fast can offer a company and a product many advantages.  Ashley Black and FasciaBlaster quickly gained visibility throughout the market while neglecting to notice they were even more susceptible to growing pains. Ashley Black Guru and the FasciaBlaster team experienced these challenges in the form of a potential class-action lawsuit filed against them via the law offices of Perrin F. Disner in Sherman Oaks, California, by a handful of possible customers alleging false and deceptive business practices and violation of state consumer protection statutes and warranty law. No causes of action for personal injury were alleged, nor does the suit have anything to do with personal injuries resulting from using the FasciaBlaster tool.  Any discussion of injuries in this suit simply confuses the public and creates drama for the press.

The court ruled on whether to accept the class action, but the judges ruling over the lawsuits found insufficient evidence, and, to date, all potential class-action suits have been thrown out altogether. (TechTimes Article)

Ashley Black and the fasciablaster
Ashley Black and the fasciablaster

On April 17, 2018, Plaintiffs filed a Consolidated Amended Class Action complaint alleging false and deceptive business practices and violating state consumer protection statutes and warranty law. No causes of action for personal injury were alleged.

The potential class action was filed by 16 plaintiffs who also “seeks to remedy the false and deceptive business practices of Ashley Black Company other related entities concerning the marketing and sales of the “FasciaBlaster” product throughout the United States”. 

Ashley Black’s team argued that the plaintiffs failed to meet the requirements to establish a class action. They filed six additional motions to strike and dismiss the complaint on numerous grounds. Defendants are waiting for orders in this case from the federal judge assigned.

Plaintiffs’ damages in the suit were not for personal injuries caused by the FasciaBlaster tool but, instead, relate to their perceived failure of the product to convey precise individual results, experiences, and health benefits per their expectations.

The Fascia Blaster Joins Elite Company with Class Action Lawsuit

To give you an idea of the frivolous nature that many class-action lawsuits take on due to unsubstantiated claims from consumers, you can look at some of the most iconic, visible businesses that all have had class action lawsuits brought against them. AMAZON, TINDER, OLD NAVY, and GAP all have class action suits against them this year alone.

The Future for FasciaBlaster

Ashley Black’s mission is to advance her work so that many more Fasciologists can access her knowledge and techniques. She understands that to accomplish this, she has to make sure that many people accept her brand’s assistance. She plans to achieve everything by acquiring over 10 million customers and followers, training her successors, establishing a college curriculum, and continuing to grow the global market. She also seeks to present fascia research at worldwide medical conferences so that other scientists can apply FasciaBlaster and Fasciology techniques to various special populations. 

Ashley Black Today

Beyond expanding her FasciaBlaster empire to the South American, most European, East Asian, and Australian markets, Ashley Black has relocated from Texas off-the-grid to Costa Rica. Black still owns and consults for the FasciaBlaster business daily. Still, a new love for environmental advocacy, conservation, and beautification of the world around her has become a very important role in the daily life of the fascia guru.

Regularly, Black devotes her days to working with sustainability and conservation causes alongside members of projects in Costa Rica like The Ecologic Blue Flag Program. The Ecologic Blue Flag Program was born as an answer to strengthening public health in the Central American nation.

Recently, Ashley Black completed a project through the Dollar Donation Club that raised enough money to have over 1,000lbs. of plastic extracted from the ocean.

As the FasciaBlaster continues to expand its reach to every part of the globe, Black seems content, making certain that her small part of the world in Costa Rica flourishes.

No matter what the backstory, embracing your fascia means embracing freedom–freedom to live, and to be yourself!

Ashley Black, The Cellulite Myth

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