Australian Twitter Users Look for ‘Insider Information’ and Are NOT Influenced by Deals

twitter-logoSocial media platforms are used for different purposes by people in different regions, and a new report shows that Australians use Twitter to receive ‘insider information’ from friends, brands and celebrities and are not really influenced by deals and promotions.

ExactTarget’s report called ‘Digital Down Under’ reveals that people using the micro-blogging social network are more likely to be ‘influencers’. They use that ‘insider information’ they find on other social media platforms or on their blogs. Also, the report shows that it is less likely for Twitter users to be engaged by deals than the users of other social media networks like Facebook for instance.

5% of the Australian Twitter users aged between 18 to 24 acquired something after receiving a marketing message through Twitter, and from the users aged 25-34 12% did the same thing.

Twitter users are into connecting, educating and sharing resources and information with others. The reasons Australian consumers follow brands are interesting: 45% want to keep up-to-date with a company’s products, services or offerings, 36% of them want to receive alerts related to developments within the company, 35% want to receive “free stuff” or giveaways. Among the other reasons people follow a brand are to receive discounts and promotions (only 26%), to gain access to exclusive content (32%), to show their support for the company to others (19%), to be affiliated to the product or brand because it is “cool” (11%).

While consumers are becoming more selective when following a brand, they tend to be loyal to those that are entertaining and relevant. Also, Twitter users are active on other social media platforms too, and 51% stated they check the micro-blogging network at least once per day.

It seems that even if Twitter is not the most used social media platform in Australia, it is one that should be taken in consideration by marketers wanting to promote their company/products/services in this part of the world. The report is a very useful in this regard as it offers insight to online behavior specific to the Australian market and this particular social media site.

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