Award Luncheon: 3 Honorees at the Pinnacle of Their PR Careers

As they’re starting to get more wide recognition, women continue to wow with their power in various fields. Most notably, they’ve continued to make bold moves in content creation, social media marketing, and crisis management for their clients and their organizations.

Three CEOs on the PRNEWS Honoree List

Here is a list of the top three CEOs on PRNEWS’s honor roll. The three PR pros will grace the luncheon that’s slated for January 28, 2020 at Gotham Hall in New York City.

#1. Jodi Amendola (CEO of Amendola Communications)

In the five years under Amendola’s stewardship, Amendola Communications’ revenue has grown by 200%.

Since establishing the public relations and marketing agency 20 years ago, Jodi has focused on healthcare and healthcare IT brands. Some brands the PR pro has worked with include Cisco, TriZetto, Allscripts, Intel, and SAP Health, and Health Catalyst.

What makes Amendola Communications unique?

Amendola employs decades of experience (20 years) to boost a brand’s reputation, increase brand awareness, and promote market adoption. Moreover, the PR pro guarantees clients a wide array of in-demand PR and communication services. These range from public relations, strategic counsel, social media, content creation, and crisis management.

Notable achievement:

In 2016, Amendola Communications won the  Corporate Livewire’s Innovation and Excellence Award for Healthcare & Healthcare IT. The PR agency received the nod for being outstanding in sustainability and dedication.

#2. Amy Binder (CEO RF|Binder)

Amy Binder founded the New York-based PR firm RF|Binder in 2001. The CEO has made transformative contributions to the public relations industry – specifically, a considerable input in advancing data and analytics use in PR. Some brands that have worked with RF|Binder include the Rockefeller Foundation, Edx, Thrive algae, and Wegmans.

What makes Amy Binder’s firm unique?

RF|Binder prides itself on being a leader in the application of data intelligence and analytics in PR. The agency leverages research, analytics and creativity to create a holistic approach to advertising and branding.

The agency’s supplier diversity objectives drive the company to create unique relationships. Specifically, the firm identifies and builds relationships with, and buys goods and services from small businesses and those owned by minorities, disabled persons, and members of the LGBTQ community.

Notable achievements:

In six years, Amy Binder’s firm has won over 180 awards in the industry.

#3. Ilissa Miller (CEO of iMiller Public Relations)

Miller founded iMiller Public Relations (iMPR) and has grown the firm to work with Telcom and Tech giants. The CEO’s client portfolio has a total revenue of $110 billion. Miller’s PR firm boasts a client list that includes top brands like Datacenter disco, Sidera, and Unitas Global.

What makes Ilissa Miller’s agency unique?

Illissa Miller is a veteran in PR and communication. The CEO’s two decades of experience working with domestic and international brands help in developing strategic messaging.

At the same time, IMiller Public Relations maintains strategic partnerships with leading organizations, like the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, Internet Infrastructure Coalition and New Jersey Tech Council. This enables the agency to meet its clients’ strategic needs.

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