Doing Business in the US: Bad PR News for States

Tax burdenStates can have bad PR news hit them too. A story in the Chicago Tribune reveals just how bad doing business in some US states can be. What could be worse PR than that in a depressed economy?

Would you believe Illinois could ever be rated “third worst” when it comes to businesses getting by? According to a survey of US corporate execs conducted by Development Counsellors International (DCI), taxes and other variables make this, and other states, highly unfriendly for businesses going forward. In all, 322 execs were surveyed, almost one fourth of whom pointing to high corporate taxes and costs as among factors against doing business there.

Only California, and New York were considered less favorable for their business climate, according to the study. Recent increases in income tax rates in Illinois actually prompted some state companies to consider packing up and moving out. This data on California Senator Bob Huff’s website further illustrates the horrendous climates some states have for corporations, and subsequently, the workforce.

However, the other side of the “doing business” in America coin shows Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina as having the most favorable conditions for doing business. Where PR is concerned, it is obvious California, New York, and Illinois have big problems where their brands and business are concerned.

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