Basics of Search Engine Optimization for Businesses

Not every business is able to invest in an outside agency that will work on search engine optimization for the company’s business website, which means some companies have to do some of the basics on their own. Fortunately, some of the basics of search engine optimization are easy enough for businesses to do on their own, as long as they follow the right steps to do so.

Buyer personas

If companies want more people to start visiting their business websites, they first have to figure out who they want to visit their website, which is done through audience research and creating a buyer persona. By learning more about the target audience and creating buyer personas companies will get a better understanding of what that audience needs and be able to create a website that’s going to cater to those needs.


The next step that companies need to take when they want to optimize their websites for search engines is to research and plan a keyword strategy before publishing a large amount of content or any copy on their business websites. Keywords are simply phrases and words that the target audience uses on search engines when they are trying to find a solution to their problem. And when companies are able to include those keywords in the content they share on their websites and in the copy, they’ll be able to show to the search engines that their website can provide relevant and valuable information to the search engine users, which is precisely what search engines are looking for. However, it’s important for companies to remember that while ranking for the most popular keywords on search engine results pages is effective and valuable, businesses also need to include some of the long tail keywords that the audience is using too to make sure they’re able to stand out from the crowd.


Once a company has established which keywords and people it should be targeting with its website, it’s time to research the market competitors and what their search engine optimization strategies might be. There are various tools and platforms that companies can use to figure out this information and learn more about which keywords their competitors are using, and which strategies they are implementing to increase their ranking on search engine results pages. The company can follow by example once learning this information and try implementing some of those strategies on its own website.


The best way for companies to rank higher for a variety of keywords is by regularly updating the company’s blog, which is going to be attached to the company’s business website. That means companies will be able to include both short and long keywords in the content and show up in the search results for potential customers. However, it’s important for companies to remember that each piece of content they publish on their website must be original because search engines tend to punish websites that repost and plagiarize content from others. 

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