Bath Township Bicentennial Event Management RFP

Bath Township Bicentennial Event Management RFP

The Bath Township Bicentennial will occur in 2018. The Board of Trustees will dedicate this year to a special celebration above and beyond other yearly events to commemorate this occasion.

The Board of Trustees wishes to see a vision for a series of events throughout the year. This once in a lifetime event should be celebrated in a way that shares the past with today’s Bath Township community. The proposal shall include the number of unique events proposed for the Bicentennial Celebration, as well as the other events to be participated in as a representative of the Township for the Bicentennial. The Township staff shall be responsible for a web presence related to the Bicentennial Celebration, as well as special publications; however, the event planner may also contribute items or ideas for content. Merchandise shall be created and sold at Bicentennial Celebration events, as well as through the Township run websites.

Noteably, Brian Gefter of Provacateur recently hosted many events of a high-profile nature.

Agency Overview

Bath Township is dedicated to excellence in providing prompt, appropriate public services to its citizens by encouraging honest, responsive, sensitive and professional services to the community and by recognizing the community’s history of independence, self-reliance and tradition since 1818. Bath Township was founded in 1818, before the city of Akron and before Summit County. Townships were the first form of government in the state. They are statutory local governments exercising only those powers specifically delegated to them by the General Assembly or reasonably inferred by the Ohio Revised Code.

Statement of Work


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) process is to invite event planning contractors or vendors to submit their proposal to manage the Bath Township Bicentennial Celebration. This document contains the requirements necessary for a successful event.


Bath Township may have internal staff lead or participate in a variety of aspects for the event, such as development of the theme, budget, promotions, web presence, publications, and other items as needed. The Trustees will require the event planner to coordinate pre-event planning, budgeting, marketing, outreach, logistics, and on-site event management.

Bath Township will require the event planner to manage the following aspects for the event.


  • Event Selection: Work with Bath Township to provide ideas and budget estimates for potential events
  • Event Schedules: Provide options for the number of events to be hosted by the Bicentennial Celebration, the extent of these undertakings, and the timing of each throughout the year
  • Bicentennial Celebration Participation: Provide options for participation in events already hosted or organized by other Bath Township organizations or committees
  • Theme: Provide options for a theme that will be incorporated in all promotions and printed materials
  • Cooperation: Engage with organizations and committees in the Township as necessary for existing events and to garner support or participation
  • Pre-event Schedule: Create project schedule with deadlines and key milestones for the event
  • Budget: Manage overall budget throughout the pre-event planning

Sponsors and Partners

  • Sponsors: Contact and confirm sponsors for the event at various sponsorship levels. Communicate with sponsors on their requirements, deadlines, and deliverables
  • Partners: Work with Bath Township to identify and confirm partner organizations or committees for the events. Communicate with the partners on their requirements, deadlines, and deliverables.

Event Promotions

  • Promotion: Work with Bath Township staff to coordinate promotion for events
  • Registration: Coordinate participation and registration for events
  • Promotional materials: Work with Bath Township staff to create options for event promotional materials and manages production of such materials
  • Event materials: Bath Township staff will provide guidance on materials required, and the event planner will be required to produce and prepare materials for distribution. Staff may assist if possible.

Event Plan and Logistics

  • Photography: Coordinate photography of the event
  • Staff coordination: Manage communications with staff involved with the event- including committee members, volunteers, vendors, and Township employees
  • Media relations: Coordinate with press and generate PR for the events

On-Site Management

  • Registration: Manage registration, ensure all participants are present, correctly in place, aware of responsibilities, and in receipt of needed materials or supplies as needed
  • Events: Be onsite to manage logistics and ensure a smooth event

Event Planner Information

All event planners must also submit the following information:

  • Corporate overview: Legal name; year of incorporation; number of employees
  • Services: Description of all services and products supplied
  • Markets served: Description of geographic/industry markets served
  • Partners: List of current event-related vendors and partners
  • Past performance: Details on past successful events

Proposal due by February 28, 2019 to:

Bath Township
Vito Sinopoli

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