Benvenuti Public Relations: Setting the Trend


Established in 1993, Benvenuti Public Relations has evolved into a full-service PR, social media, and marketing agency that specializes in the lifestyle, food & beverage, and hospitality industries. Leveraging a well-seasoned and integrated staff, Benvenuti PR offers highly dedicated and personalized attention to each brand’s campaign, delivering a high return on investment for marketing spend.

Through the agency’s philosophy, placing emphasis on extensive media outreach and building strong relationships with leading journalists, Benvenuti PR has become the go-to agency for many national and international brands.

Having executed global PR campaigns in areas like New York, Miami, Sao Paulo, Paris, and London, Benvenuti PR has perfected the art of developing expert media relations and offering client services.

Key Services

#1. Public relations

Working closely with brands and the media, Benvenuti’s public relations offers innovative marketing strategies that express what’s clear about a brand. Whether launching a new business or revitalizing an existing venture, Benvenuti’s team takes time to understand a brand’s needs and develop a tailored approach to meet those specific needs.

Benvenuti PR service offers a combination of informative news releases, digital media kits, targeted media pitches, placements for featured stories on digital and print media, special events, co-branding events, brand partnerships, industry introductions, press conferences, and video storytelling.

#2. Social media management

Employing the pillars of an outstanding social media strategy – content, innovation, and strategy -, Benvenuti PR leverages its expertise to establish a brand’s unique image, grow its following, and develop meaningful connections with target audiences. Having honed the skill of increasing social media engagement – earning comments, increasing likes and shares -, Benvenuti’s social media management service delivers engagement rates that beat industry averages.

Benvenuti’s social management service offers a combination of creating and managing outstanding social media profiles, influencer campaigns, social media marketing, reputation monitoring and management, and creating live video content. In addition, Benvenuti’s social management service also incorporates an Instagram management component, which involves an analysis of engagement, growth, and relevant hashtags for each account.

#3. Restaurant consulting service

Leveraging years of experience and expertise, Benvenuti’s restaurant consulting service offers unmatched insights on restaurant locations and real estate opportunities, interior design, concept creation and development, menu and logo design services, development of unique beverage programs, chef selection, restaurant networks, and the operation and management of restaurants.

Working with existing restaurants, Benvenuti’s restaurant consulting service guides brands on cost-effective makeovers that refuel and jumpstart restaurant operations. Restaurant makeovers may involve rebranding, introducing a new chef, revamping a restaurant’s interior design, and creating an image that clients can associate with. With these changes, declining restaurants create a competitive edge in today’s dining scene.

#4. Special events

To garner the attention of top media companies and reach a target audience virally, Benvenuti’s team works with influencers to gain media coverage, improving bottom-lines for brands.

#5. Brand identity service

Benvenuti’s brand identity service involves web design, app design, developing brand identities, web copywriting, designing graphics and logos, creation of video and photography content, landing page optimization, and google analytics monitoring.

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