South Korea’s New PR Firm Represented Bank that Helped Build Iranian Nuclear Power Plant

iran power plant

– Jeffrey Birnbaum Favors Tax Reform & Has Worked For India & Thailand –

South Korea has hired two PR Agencies – both are well-known, well-respected major Public Relations firms. BGR Public Relations is likely to do the Washington, D.C. focused work, and Finn Partners will work on more national media focus.

Sounds like a smart approach for the nation of South Korea. (As an aside, one wonders why the Wall Street Journal & their Reporter Alastair Gale thought it was only one firm – and did not name them.)


In 2012, The Huffington Post reported that BGR Public Relations/BGR Group (South Korea’s new firm) “represents a Russian bank that has financed a company that helped build Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant, according to corporate documents and lobbying disclosure records.” At the time, the Huffington Post noted that BGR’s client has been called by The London Sunday Times as “one of the most controversial business empires on the planet.”

The spokesman for BGR on the Iran issue was Jeffrey Birnbaum – who is now handling South Korea’s account. Birnbaum “dismissed any effort to link BGR, Alfa and Iran as misguided.”
South Korea’s New Lobbyist Jeffrey Birnbaum.

South Korea’s New PR Firm, BGR Public Relations/Group Represented A Bank That Helped Build Iran Nuclear Power Plant

According to The Hill, Jeffrey Birnbaum of BGR Public Relations:

Favors tax reform – and “helped launch the Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates, a group spearheaded by heavyweight interest groups like the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and the Retail Industry Leaders Association.”

Is A Longtime Senior Reporter – He worked for The Wall Street Journal, and “also wrote for Time, Fortune, The Washington Post and The Washington Times in his more than three decades as a journalist.”

Has worked in the past with “the governments of India and Thailand.”

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The Wall Street Journal today reported on 1 un named South Korean PR firm – we today revealed two – and their names.

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