Brafton Releases New Video Content Marketing Service

Brafton Inc, has introduced a new video content marketing service. Brafton’s consultative and production teams provide  video marketing campaigns, including strategic guidance, tech setup, premium videos and actionable analytics. The Brafton video marketing package provides tailored strategy, script writing, video talent, post-production editing, YouTube Channel optimization and more.

Strategic videos to drive results

Of the company’s unique offerings, Allen Schweitzer , vice president of sales at Brafton shares:

“With our video offering, Brafton leads the industry by providing a way to launch high-quality, results-focused video marketing campaigns at a price point that’s friendly to most budgets and with a level of frequency that drives results.”

Brafton’s latest marketing guide, “Video Marketing From Production to Purchases,” explains the value of diverse videos for  comprehensive marketing strategies. The resource details best practices from the company’s full-time video strategists, who help brands establish relationships with customers.

Schweitzer  revealed that demand for video content, as experienced by Brafton, is on the rise, and that many brands invest in several videos per year,  typically on products or testimonials. But this is not enough for online marketing,  and it’s contrary to how marketers leverage every other web marketing effort.

“What makes Brafton’s offering so special is that it gives our customers multiple videos per month and diverse video options. We help partners target audiences, strengthen their brands and convert traffic on an ongoing basis to yield the best results,” Schweitzer  explained.

Brafton’s fully customized campaigns, provide unique video content to fuel awareness, leads and sales.

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