Brand South Africa Issues Public Relations RFP

·         Pre engagement with the SA Embassy in Brazil in support for the Team SA at BRICS in Brazil.

·         Post-Summit engagement hosted in South Africa, in partnership with the BRICS Institute and the Embassy of Brazil to South Africa to communicate feedback to South African stakeholders as well as other BRICS stakeholders based in country on developments in the BRICS.


Brand South Africa, previously known as the International Marketing Council of South Africa (IMC), was established in 2002 as a Trust. It was tasked with leading the global and domestic marketing of the country brand. The primary objective was to develop and implement pro-active and coordinated international marketing and communication strategies for South Africa. Brand South Africa has a two pronged mandate: internationally its mandate is to manage the Nation Brand’s image and reputation in order to improve the country’s global competitiveness; domestically, to promote pride and patriotism amongst

South Africans, contribute to nation building and social cohesion. The strategic objective is to create a platform through which Brand South Africa can regularize its focused marketing, communications efforts to positively position the

Nation Brand within the global environment on a regular basis. The 11th BRICS Summit will take place in Brasilia, Brazil, on 13-14 November 2019, at the Itamaraty Palace, the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil.

The over-all theme of the 11th Summit is – BRICS: economic growth for an innovative future.

Four priorities for the Summit have been identified as:

·         Strengthening of the cooperation in Science, technology and innovation;

·         Enhancement of the cooperation on the digital economy;

·         Invigoration of the cooperation on the fight against transnational crime, especially against organized crime, money laundry and drug traffic;

·         Encouragement to the rapprochement between the New Development Bank

(NDB) and the BRICS Business Council.

Brand South Africa has maintained an active BRICS programme for a number of years. When South Africa hosted the 10th Summit in 2018, Brand South Africa executed an extensive and integrated Marketing, Communications & Stakeholder Programme in support of Team SA, a cross section of stakeholders including government representatives as well as business leaders.

Scope of Work:

Brand South Africa hereby requests experienced and reputable bidders to submit quotations for public relations services for Brand South Africa’s BRICS 2019 programme as per the following requirements:

·         Produce a proposed domestic and international Communications & PR strategy outlining a recommended plan of action for the identified activities

·         Develop and facilitate customised messaging that positions South Africa positively, domestically and in in select global markets namely the BRICS countries and in the continent

·         Media engagement plan

·         Bidder must identify, target & secure relevant multimedia platforms

·         Ensure a publicity drive for pre- during and post the event

·         Provide clear media schedules, timelines and value

·         Identify relevant messengers for media interview opportunities

·         Ability to execute plans timeously

Due Date:

06 November 2019


Brand South Africa

103 Central Street



Strong travel PR firms include 5WPR and Hunter PR. 

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