Branding RFP Issued By Oklahoma Office of Management

The Contract is awarded on behalf of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) for a contract to develop and outline a branding strategy for the agency. The awarded vendor will assist ODWC in unifying, updating, and presenting the agency’s brand as the professional experts in natural resource management to all Oklahomans and visitors.

1. Contract Term and Renewal Options The initial Contract term, which begins on the effective date of the Contract and is valid through the completion of the project duties within.

2. Obligations of Supplier: Supplier shall provide the following services:

A. Internal and External Engagement

A.1 The ODWC considers extensive internal and external engagement essential to a successful Branding Strategy. The Branding process shall be structured to efficiently maximize employee, public and stakeholder involvement and participation. 

B. Development of Goals and Priorities

B.1 The goals and priorities of the Branding Strategy will form the basis of a viable branding vision for the agency. The development of goals will identify gaps or conflicts between current branding of programs and projects and the new Branding Strategy. The priorities of the strategy will point to the areas and efforts where a sharper focus of attention and resources will provide the biggest return on investment in regard to strengthening the agency brand.

C. Brand Book 

C.1 An executive summary will be developed that outlines the vision, goals and objectives, and priorities that are laid out in the Branding Plan. This executive summary will be used as a guide for decision making and to educate the public and relevant stakeholders. 

C.2 Create a guiding document (ODWC Brand Book) that includes communications elements and visual identity guidelines. This document will be used as a strategic guideline for all ODWC communications by outlining visual style (typeface, colors, logos, imagery, etc.) and text elements, including tone of voice and key brand messages to use in all communications. It will also be developed as a tool to help staff understand how the key messages (that ODWC wants to communicate about what we do and why) influences ODWC operations—from long-term planning to daily work.

D. Project Management 

D.1 Bi-weekly meetings or conference calls with the Branding team to discuss project progress. Supplier will not attend all team meetings, or the entirety of all meetings, but will need to be available for some in-person and some phone/video conference planning with the team. In-state travel may be required for one or two of these meetings.

D.2 Billing and progress reports.

D.3 Work with the Branding team, comprised of a representative group of employees, to help guide the project for ODWC.

D.4 The Supplier will present a status update on the preliminary findings and recommendations prior to writing the final project deliverables and Brand Book.

E. Internal and External Engagement

E.1 Outreach, engagement, and active participation by internal and external stakeholders will be employed throughout the development and adoption process. The supplier team should have extensive experience in, and employ: public engagement tools and resources, and conducting events (e.g. workshops, open houses, online); to solicit input for the strategy from employees, the public, key stakeholders, and decision makers.

F. Existing Conditions and Data Collection

F.1 Provide baseline information, analysis, and data to inform the development and evaluation of branding strategies and recommendations. The Supplier will be responsible for conducting a peer review of other state wildlife agency branding strategies (or other relevant plans) and identify: best practices; unique, innovative, and successful products and outcomes; and programs and policies that have resulted from branding strategies.

G. Branding Expectations 

G.1 Create brand assets (Logos, Typography, Color Palette) for the ODWC that easily co-brand with the state of Oklahoma and will also be used as the standard for the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation (OWCF) branding strategy to unify the three. Supplier will propose a solution to update the ODWC branding and make the brand unique but consistent with the State of Oklahoma brand. The solution will communicate that the ODWC is the expert in fish and wildlife conservation and management in Oklahoma. 

G.2 Create a logo for the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation that matches the style of the updated ODWC logo but is unique to the OWCF so that customers are not confused between the two.

H. Evaluation and development of key brand components

H.1 Provide the ODWC Branding Team with a thorough analysis and recommendation of key brand components including, but not limited to the ODWC shield logo and the development of an agency tagline. Supplier will conduct a review of the customer awareness and value of the current shield and offer a proposal to modify, revamp, retire and/or build a new logo for the agency.

H.2 Advise on trademark or registration considerations.

H.3 Work with the branding team to develop a simple tagline call to action that reflects the agency’s mission for all Oklahomans to participate in outdoor activities.

I. Employee Communications 

I.1 Development of a 2-month internal communications campaign (for example: meetings, webinar, newsletter articles, internal web messaging components). Components to be determined by the supplier and ODWC Branding Team, in partnership. Excludes final production and printing of these pieces. Provide framework and training (using a one-time train the trainer approach) so the ODWC Branding team and ODWC leadership can engage all staff in the branding project. The end goal is to help all 

Due Date:

April 3


Name: Jacob Charries Email: Phone No. (405) 521-2191

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Coyne PR.

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