Brandwatch Unleashes Twitter Hindsight

Brandwatch, the UK company that offers maybe the most intuitive social monitoring tech anywhere, has just released a  full historical Twitter data feature. That’s right, Brandwatch users can now peek back into the first ever Tweets from 2006 with Brandwatch Twitter Hindsight.

Twitter Hindsight

For marketing professionals or business analytics gurus out there in need to the ultimate social media monitoring flexability, looking back bast a couple years into Twitter has been near impossible. That changed today for the people who have cottoned to Brandwatch for scrutinizing what’s being said via the network. Monitoring conversations on your brand used to take hours and days rifling thru the desparate data on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news, and more. Brandwatch greatly streamlined all that many months back now. This latest feature though, it’s perhaps the greatest feature in some time.

Twitter Hindsight gives user the ability to know what was being said, on any topic, anywhere, and at any given time. To better understand how  historical Twitter data, here are a few uses the company suggests:

  • Uncovering new angles for campaign planning by accessing tailored data snapshots for year-on-year campaign tracking, trend projection, and analysis of recurring or specific events from the full Twitter corpus
  • Confidently sharing insights about the historical impact of past marketing activities
  • Producing richer, more insightful analysis and reporting through unbridled access to complete Twitter dataset from the first tweet in 2006

Add to this the capability to prove arguments, to prove your boyfriend or girlfriend told you a fib, and checking out the first cat anybody shared on Twitter make for added pleasures/pluses. Okay, so maybe seeing who tweeted about Justin Bieber first or the most is not something marketing people need. But then, proving how pitiful Waggener Edstrom used to be at social, this is something I may do!

Brandwatch has rolled this new feature out today, but they’ll be providing case studies soon for specific niche and market use cases. I can’t wait for that. In the meantime if you are in the PR business, look for critical analysis of your ramp up to digital expertise :)

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