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Brian Gefter 2019
Brian Gefter

Brian Gefter together with business partner Michael Satsky understood the necessity to develop a private brand for an international network of clients and friends. The flagship Provocateur was created and placed in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan.

Provocateur gained the reputation around the globe as being the most selective and private hospitality brand which provided its world traveler members absolute service of its grandiose offering.

Provocateur since opened in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, and Porto Alegre, Brazil, The Four Seasons Resort, Dubai, and built seasonal locations in Cannes, France, and Ibiza, Spain.

“We operate today exactly as when we opened — with the same policies, the same procedures, and the same level of attention to service and hospitality,” said Mr. Gefter, in a 2015 interview with Hotelier Middle East right before the opening of Provocateur Dubai.

Brian Gefter the Hospitality Pioneer

Over the past decade, Provocateur has become synonymous with revolutionizing a music program, consistently showcasing star talent in the most limited settings.

“One of the biggest differences in our venue from those that have come before in NYC is that we will open with an electronic music program, again in contrast with the sound landscape during that time, and even still today,” Brian Gefter continued in the Hotelier Middle East interview.
Additionally, Mr. Gefter and Mr. Satsky produce and manage off-site events worldwide. This entails mobilizing and recreating their Provocateur brand experience within live music festivals, arena shows, clandestine performances and during high influence global occasions.

Indeed, Brian Gefter can be credited as a hospitality and entertainment pioneer, a forward thinking brand builder with staying power in his industry

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