BrightRidge Issues Digital RFP

BrightRidge Issues Digital RFP

BrightRidge is a not-for-profit, public power provider serving electricity and broadband services, as well as related products to residential and commercial customers within Washington,  Sullivan, Carter, and Greene counties in Northeast Tennessee. BrightRidge is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors. Members are appointed to serve four-year terms by the elected     boards and commissions of the communities within BrightRidge’s service territory: City of   Johnson City (6), Town of Jonesborough (1), and Washington County (2).

BrightRidge only retains about 20% of every dollar earned for operating and capital purchases.   BrightRidge is the tenth largest of Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) 154 local power companies and is a longstanding, well-respected energy company among its utility peers and customers.  BrightRidge provides a multitude of electric programs and services for all 78,800 customers, from low- income residential to top revenue accounts. A recent in-house study found that there are more than 60+ electric-related products available to BrightRidge customers. This does not include the newly offered broadband products. Visit for additional information about BrightRidge’s programs and services.

On July 18, 2018, the BrightRidge Board of Directors approved moving forward with new division – BrightRidge Broadband, which included a $64 million investment. The new BrightRidge Broadband division will provide full broadband services to its customers – high-speed internet,        video, and voice. The need for fast, reliable high-speed internet is critical in meeting the demands of our customers. High-speed internet attracts all business types to our community. Businesses realize that reliable, fast and competitively priced internet service is key in making their company successful. Not only that, there are additional benefits to the community such as increased educational and career opportunities as well as potential partnerships with local municipalities and organizations. Although the retail market is a new challenge, our team is excited to bring competition to the regional broadband marketplace. Visit for additional information about BrightRidge Broadband products.

Despite many services and product offerings, BrightRidge’s number one priority is to provide safe, reliable electricity to thousands of customers 365 days a year with minimal to no interruption. The overall electric reliability rate is 99.997%. BrightRidge maintains its electric service by daily improving its system with proactive system upgrades, an aggressive tree trimming program, and by maintaining a knowledgeable, qualified, service-minded staff. BrightRidge hopes to continue its excellent reliability rate with its broadband service, as well.

Marketing for a not-for-profit public utility can be challenging. Previously, in the electric industry, the marketing challenge was to be visible, but not overly visible. Electric utility customers are sensitive to perceived expensive marketing campaigns; therefore, the marketing approach often included low-cost or no-cost efforts. Now, we must compete in a highly aggressive retail broadband market. BrightRidge must confidently secure enough revenues to cover its costs and make profit; however, we remain a not- for-profit public utility organized to serve its customers.

Scope of Work

BrightRidge seeks a partner with a proven track record for creative excellence in digital marketing. The hired partner must work in coordination with the BrightRidge ES&M team to create a new, distinctive digital campaign to support these goals:

                1. Increase visibility in search engines and online traffic by utilizing SEMM/SEA (paid traffic), SEP (organic/non-paid), and SMM (paid social media).

                2. Assist BrightRidge ES&M team to better promote its products, including both broadband (70%) and electric (30%), and brand online:

BrightRidge SmartHub App. Increase users, make current users more aware of features, promote online sign-ups for electric and broadband.

New website – Increase brand awareness, enable customer self- sufficiency by better informing them of information/sign-up tools that are available via

BrightRidge social media platforms. Create a long-term social media strategy, whereas BrightRidge increases its likes, follows, and shares. This should include some paid target ads and website integration. Provide feedback as to effectiveness of BrightRidge best/worst practices regarding social media responses to customers.

3. Provide market insights, customer research and analytic reports.

4. Improve and help maintain BrightRidge’s online reputation and correct any brand        

inconsistencies from previous brand (JCPB). Ensure that all online branding is BrightRidge, not  “JCPB,” and stay abreast of any best practices for monitoring comments or reviews written by customers, incumbents, and/or contractor partners.

5. Establish positive, long-term digital and social media strategies in coordination with the BrightRidge ES&M Department. This includes standard monthly and quarterly reporting. Quarterly onsite meetings should include presentation of market insight, customer research and analytic reporting (web and google analytics).

Due Date

April 22, 2019



Agencies with relevant experience includes APCO Worldwide and Zeno Group.

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