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The Calvert County Health Department Local Behavioral Health Authority is issuing this Request for Proposals to assist in breaking the stigma of Medication Assisted Treatment. The Awardee will be tasked with creating a media campaign targeting Calvert County residents that delivers the message that Medication-Assisted Treatment saves lives.


The Maryland Department of Health, Behavioral Health Administration has awarded Calvert County “Buprenorphine initiative” funding. This award is in support of the ongoing national efforts to increase awareness and treatment services for individuals diagnosed with Opioid Use Disorders (OUD} due to the ongoing opioid epidemic. Calvert County is dedicated to providing behavioral health treatment services to the priority population that includes: Individuals diagnosed with or at risk of developing an Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). The goal of the “Buprenorphine Initiative” for FY2022 will be to create a public awareness campaign that can help educate Calvert County residents about the benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment and how vital it is to seek treatment services that are available to treat the deadly disease of addiction. The intent is to help break the stigma many individuals experience related to addiction and Medication Assisted Treatment.

Scope of Work:

Fiscal Year 2022 Marketing Consultant applications must not exceed ten {10), single-spaced

pages using twelve {12) point Calibri font. Proposals exceeding the 10-page limit will not be

considered. Please use beadings that correspond to the evaluation criterion outlined below.

The program budget, performance measures, and any sample materials showing prior work

experience may be submitted as separate attachments and will not count towards the 10-page

limit. Please provide detailed information to address all the elements in the evaluation criteria.

1. Description of provider expertise and organizational capacity to develop an anti-stigma

marketing campaign. Please include examples of previous projects as attachments.

2. Description of the administrative process including sub-grantee monitoring of contract

deliverables. Note: if awarded, a copy of the sub grantee contract and MOU agreements

must be submitted to LBHA within 60 days of the award.

3. Provide a project work plan description of the media campaign, including marketing

strategies and proposed materials.

4. Identification of performance and outcome indicators to be used to evaluate the

program’s effectiveness, including a description of the expected schedule for measuring

performance and outcomes.

5. Submit a clear and concise timeline for the implementation of the project.

6. A budget narrative that describes the funding needed to support the proposed services,

including a line item budget for the year. The budget is to align with the proposed


Due Date: 9/17/21


For more information contact:

Andrea McDonald-Fingland,Director

Local Behavioral Health Authority

Calvert County Health Department

PO Box 980, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

443-295-8584 x101

Agencies worth considering for this assignment include Magrino pr and Hunter PR.

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