Capital Area Transportation Authority MARKETING AND ADVERTISING SERVICES

DUE DATE: July 27th, 2023 11AM


II-A Background

The Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) is a public transit authority that operates public transportation bus and paratransit services across metropolitan Lansing, Michigan. CATA’s mission-critical employees, such as bus operators, Customer Experience Representatives and Paratransit Schedulers are considered first responders because transit is designated as an essential service in times of crisis. CATA’s service area includes all 559 square miles of Ingham County and extends into portions of Eaton County and Clinton County. CATA also provides public transit services on the campus of Michigan State University, and to and from Lansing School District high schools.

CATA has grown from seven fixed routes and 732,609 trips in 1972 – the year it was founded – to 33 fixed routes and nearly 11.4 million trips in fiscal 2019. In fiscal 2020, CATA delivered 7.3 million trips – a direct result of the coronavirus outbreak in our region. As the pandemic reached its height in fiscal 2021, CATA’s ridership fell to 3 million trips. With the relaxation of COVID-19 executive and emergency orders in fiscal 2021, CATA saw a corresponding increase in ridership, recording 5.4 million trips systemwide. As the region’s public transportation provider, CATA operates four facilities in its service area. Headquartered in south Lansing, the Administrative Offices are home to the executive office, all administrative departments, and the bus storage facility, which houses CATA’s directly operated fleet, Maintenance and Operations.

The CATA Transportation Center (CTC), located in downtown Lansing, is the central boarding hub and transfer point for 16 CATA routes, Indian Trails (intercity bus services), the customer information center and on-site security. On MSU’s campus, the MSU-CATA Transportation Center (MSU-CTC) is the main boarding center for CATA routes serving MSU and is adjacent to one of several campus parking ramps. As the region’s primary multimodal transportation facility, the state-of-the-art Capital Area Multimodal Gateway, Operated by CATA, is the authority’s newest facility. The Gateway offers seamless access to rail, intercity, regional and national bus lines, and transportation network companies (Uber, Lyft and taxicab services). The Gateway is served by three CATA fixed routes. CATA currently utilizes one third-party contractor under a multi-year agreement to operate a portion of its paratransit operations.

II-B Objectives The specific objective for this project is to secure a contract for described services.

II-C Scope of Work Qualified vendors must offer in-house graphic design and creative development services/capabilities to ensure production of high-quality, timely deliverables outlined below:

· Graphics and Signage: Various digital and print graphics and signage will be required for projects such as banners, posters, flyers, sandwich signs posted in CATA facilities, transit cards installed in buses, decals, bus wraps, digital billboards, social media graphics, etc. NOTE: The CATA Website Hosting Agency handles all major website design, e-commerce and hosting services for CATA

· Brochures and Information Cards: Educational materials in both print and digital format will be required to promote CATA’s various products and services.

· Advertisements and Mailers: CATA sponsors and purchases ads in various media outlets to promote the agency, services and events which requires ad creation for print and digital publications, websites, mobile and digital billboards, direct mail pieces, TV and radio spots, etc.

· Digital Advertising: Create digital advertising with tracking metrics including search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, Google search ads, social media advertising, broadcast (TV and radio) advertising, advertising on streaming services, online radio, mobile advertising, geofencing, influencer marketing, etc. CAPITAL AREA TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY Marketing and Advertising Services, RFP # 2023-148 Page 10 of 33 031418(PS +100)

· Internal and External Publications: Documents such as training guides, budget books and financial reports are released each year. The Community Report is an annual publication that requires intense design and project coordination. 

· Branding: Contribute to rebranding strategy with production of branding style guide and standards.

· Campaign Creation: Contribute upon request to advertising and marketing initiatives, ensuring an integrated campaign approach.

· Media Planning/Buying. Multimedia buying expertise, including production proficiency or ability to direct media production teams and needs. High performance in producing radio and television ads. 

Additional services required by the Marketing and Advertising Agency include:

· Writing and Storytelling. Engaging writing and storytelling proficiency, following Associate Press Stylebook standard, to create CATA blogs or other written correspondence on behalf of CATA when needed.

· Copywriting and Proofreading. Required for various projects identified above.

· Photography, Videography and Illustration. Required for various projects identified above.

· Multi-Platform Social Media Content Creation/Management. Assist with social media content creation and management as needed.

· HubSpot Support. CATA utilizes HubSpot for online chat features. HubSpot certified agency preferred to support HubSpot needs.

· Project Coordination. Required for various projects identified above.

· Outsourcing. Working with the necessary vendors to provide services, such as printing and media production, by obtaining quotes in accordance with CATA policy, and managing the vendors during collaboration by providing oversight where applicable. 

· Reporting. For all work, the agency must provide CATA’s Director of Marketing or project manager with a creative brief, cost estimate and production timeline for client review and approval. Bi-weekly project updates must be submitted, including the status of each project and deliverables, actual-to-cost details and next steps in accordance with timeline.

· Adherence to AP stylebook and CATA’s defined branding and design standards.

· Full-service marketing and advertising agency experience and proficiencies.

· Must work cooperatively with CATA’s established agencies and/or vendors.

This proposal will produce a high volume of work. Given the importance of providing timely information to the customer, the Marketing and Advertising Agency must be prepared to dedicate appropriate personnel to produce accurate, usable, and accessible materials in a timely fashion. Please note that there may be periods of time each year when more than one creative designer or copywriter may be required to accommodate multiple projects and conflicting deadlines. Additionally, the Marketing and Advertising Agency may be asked to produce time-sensitive projects with very little advance notice, requiring same-day turn-around. Skilled agency personnel must be available to meet these demands.

Payment: CATA will pay one flat hourly rate of all work performed under this contract, including but not limited to:

· Production: copywriting, proofreading, copy revision, production art and copy manipulation.

· Creative Design: original art, computer design and programming.

· Planning: meetings, budgeting, media buying, printing, vendor coordination, quotes, etc.

· Shipping, Handling and Delivery Costs: express mail, standard mail, etc.

Most agency hours will be spent on the production of integrated marketing campaigns which may include digital advertising, media buying and placement, design and creation of advertisements, flyers posters, special reports, etc. CATA will not pay any fees associated with translating its current data files into alternate hardware and/or software formats. Should the vendor wish to translate CATA data files into new formats, CATA personnel will not dedicate time to review or proofread translated files, and the agency will be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of data-file translations and will be required to reimburse CATA for any costs arising from any data-file errors (i.e., staff time in proofing or reprinting materials). Invoices must be received monthly with a summary of work completed to be organized by project. Projects should indicate the nature of the work (copy revision, design, vendor coordination, etc.) and the amount of time spent on each aspect with a subtotal for each project. The to-be-paid amount should reflect the sum of all subtotals for the invoiced month.

Delivery and Other Costs: All delivery and pick-up costs are to be included in the flat hourly rate. Speculative work is not to be performed in conjunction with this proposal, and CATA will not pay for any speculative work undertaken as part of this RFP process.

II-D CATA Responsibility CATA will provide the following to the contractor as requested: · Electronic files of brand guide and past projects assigned to the Marketing and Advertising Agency. · Hard-copy samples of materials included in the scope of this RFP. · List of vendors and contacts who have worked for and/or with CATA such as printers, publishers, etc.

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