Capital Regional District Issues Communications RFP

Capital Regional District Issues Communications RFP

The Capital Regional District (CRD) is seeking a communications firm for Communications and Engagement Consulting Services in support of the Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program for the duration of the program. The CRD is committed to ensuring targeted and timely communications to stakeholders and the public.


  1. Provide Communications Manager for the Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program who will report to the Program Director.
  2. Develop a strategic communications plan that will provide a framework and context for all communications activities on the program.
  3. Produce communications materials for the Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program.
  4. Provide communications advisory services on an ongoing basis for the Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program.
  5. Provide the necessary staff and resources to implement all communications initiatives for the program.
  6. Work with Senior Manager in CRD Corporate Communications to develop a media relations plan and process.
  7. Coordinate efforts between Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program staff and consultants and CRD Corporate Communications over the course of the Program.

Scope of Services:

  1. Strategic communications planning
    1. Outline communications goals and priorities
    2. Develop a 5-year communications calendar based on key program milestones and timelines
    3. Recommend key messaging which will act as a cornerstone of communication initiatives, tools and activities
    4. Highlight current and potential issues and recommend communications solutions
    5. Develop and implement communications plan(s) as the program evolves
    6. Summarize communications issues and opportunities
    7. Identify key stakeholders
    8. Outline approach for informing and engaging public and stakeholders during different stages of the program
    9. Manage engagement required for municipal zoning and development permit processes including developing information materials and coordinating events
  2. Communications materials as required
    1. Web content
    2. Media releases
    3. Key messages and speaking notes
    4. Public inquiry response
    5. Information materials such as: FAQ’s, program updates, brochures, signage boards, public handouts, household mailers, advertisements, newsletters, etc.
  3. Issue management support and advice
    1. Take the lead on issues management for the program
    2. Provide strategic communications and response advice to program team on an ongoing basis
    3. Develop a crisis communications plan that allows the program to successfully manage the public communications component of any significant negative event
  4. Public and community engagement
    1. Plan, coordinate and deliver public events
    2. Identify opportunities to build public support and better engage with the public
    3. Consider non-traditional opportunities to educate the public about the program
  5. Media strategy
    1. Work with CRD’s Corporate Communications senior manager to develop media relations plan
    2. Identify and coach media spokesperson(s) for program
    3. Work with program team to develop media messaging
    4. Identify opportunities to increase media presence
    5. Provide information to CRD’s Corporate Communications senior manager who will act media contact for the program
  6. Social media strategy
    1. Following CRD social media policy, develop a strategy that will increase the programs online presence
    2. Develop social media content and timeline
    3. Monitor social media and respond when appropriate
  7. Advertising strategy (when necessary)
    1. Identify appropriate advertising models and mediums
    2. Following CRD advertising policy, develop an advertising strategy that will provide maximum impact and value for money
  8. Internal Communications
    1. Develop a protocol for communications between the program team, the Project Board, the CRD Board and CRD staff
    2. Ensure appropriate internal stakeholders are properly informed of communication activities
  9. Provide additional communications support as necessary
    1. Understand that the unexpected can happen and be ready to provide support as required

Role of the CRD’s Wastewater Treatment Program Communications Coordinator:

The CRD’s Wastewater Treatment Program Communications Coordinator is a CRD employee who reports to the Program Director. The Communications Coordinator is an on the ground resource who will work under the direction of the successful proponent and will support all Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program communications initiatives by:

  • Assisting in the development and implementation of the Core Area Wastewater Treatment Communication Plan
  • Identifying communication needs/opportunities
  • Assisting in the management and development of communications materials
  • Advising staff on communication initiatives
  • Acting as a liaison between the Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program team and Corporate Communications to ensure a productive relationship
  • Assisting with media requests, writing media releases and coordinating media events
  • Supporting program team in the development of relevant program documents related to stakeholder and community engagement
  • Assisting in the coordination and implementation of events
  • Supervising communications support services as required

Role of the CRD’s Corporate Communications:

The CRD’s Corporate Communications division will provided the following corporate support to the successful proponent:

  • Website management and content publishing
  • Oversight on matters of corporate policy, standards, and communication governance
  • Review and distribution of media releases
  • Media contact for the program and support with local media relations
  • Social media monitoring and scheduling

Proposal due November 26:

Capital Regional District
625 Fisgard Street
Victoria, B.C. V8W 1R7
Fax:  (250) 360.3079

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