Caster Communications: Boutique Firm Profile

Caster Communications, a boutique PR and social media agency specializing in consumer electronics and technology products and services started operations in 1998. Headed by Kimberly Lancaster, President & Founder of Caster Communications, the firm has worked with brands across a diversity of industries.

Working with brands in sectors like commercial and residential audio/video, mobile accessories, digital healthcare and wellness, smart homes (which incorporates energy management, home automation, lighting control, security & comfort systems), has honed the firm’s PR skills in the consumer electronics and embedded technology markets.

Leveraging the founder’s extensive experience in multi-channel PR, across local national and global markets, the PR agency excels in investor relations, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), go-to-market strategies, interactive content, and crisis communications. Partnering with leading brands like abode systems, Enclave, Ametek Electronic Systems Protection (ESP/SurgeX), Hunter Douglas, and many more, the agency has a track record of success. Spotlighting its attributes is key to understanding its operations.

Key Services

#1. Public Relations

Since mentions in the press build credibility, Caster Communications media relationship and industry knowledge provide a well-rounded PR service to help with corporate news, new partnerships, product launches, and funding announcements.

Being both a source and resource to media outlets, identifying meaningful story ideas, key trends that can help streamline a brand’s media outreach, and jumping on news opportunities in real-time is within the agency’s ballpark. Through real-time monitoring and adjusting of client campaigns, Caster Communications harnesses the power data to help brands achieve their short and long-term PR goals.

#2. Social Media Service

With more than three billion active users on social media platforms, businesses can tap into the immense potential that social media platforms avail. Caster communication’s service employs social media to create and share user-generated and branded content to help brands connect with their audience.

Collaborating with brands on a daily basis, Caster’s team leverages industry-specific conversations and news to help brands engage with customers and connect brands with influencers and key media outlets.

Having executed social media campaigns since the tender ages of social media, Caster Communications has mastered what works and what doesn’t. As well, the award-winning agency knows what tools to use to help brands reach their target audience.

Notable Campaign

#1. Abode Systems Campaign

Being a disruptor within the do-it-yourself (DIY) market for smart home security solutions, Adobe faced competition from established and well-positioned brands. To add, the company lacked the resources, bandwidth, and expertise to convert its start-up brand and solution into a go-to brand by consumers and major media outlets. Caster Communications was to change the situation to improve the brand’s bottom-line.

Accepting the challenge, Caster’s team created a tailored digital marketing strategy that would leverage leading social media platforms through well-funded social-media ads. At the same time, the PR agency employed a SWOT analysis analyzing the brand’s social media presence and Kickstarter coverage. From the findings, Caster communications developed a year-long communication plan that focused on strategic consumer pitching, product review opportunities, roundups, seasonal gift guides, among other strategies.

The results were phenomenal. Adobe’s product received coverage in leading tech and communication spaces and on publications like Washington Post, USA Today, Forbes, CNET, and many more. Besides, Caster’s targeted social media marketing strategy, which centered around important dates– Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day, and Black Friday, led to massive returns on marketing spend.

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