Cesar Canine Launches Campaign to Promote Therapy Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friends, they say. And it is true in a way, as they always show unconditional love. But dogs are not there for you only in good moments, they can also help you through rough times, and therapy dogs do just that. Cesar Canine believes that their support deserves to be in the spotlight and launches the “Share a Story and Share the Love” campaign to celebrate them.

People are invited to share stories about therapy dogs at www.cesar.com/therapydogs. These stories will be then shared by Cesar on its social media accounts, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Actress and singer Hilary Duff is this campaign’s ambassador, and she will share the stories on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. In this way, she will try to involve people to actively participate in the campaign highlighting the beneficial impact that therapy dogs have on people with problems.

“At Cesar, we know that a relationship with a dog can have a profound impact on every life, including people in need,” said Denise Truelove, brand manager at Cesar Canine Cuisine, in a release. “From veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, to helping children learn how to read, dogs can truly transform lives.”

In 2012 Cesar® plans to donate USD100,000 to help support Therpay Dogs. The donation will be shared among three organizations: Intermountain Therapy’s R.E.A.D.’s division, The Good Dog Foundation and the American Humane Association.

Therapy dogs are of tremendous help to people in need, and what they do really deserves to be highlighted in a campaign. I am sure many people have touching stories involving such dogs, so they should all start sharing them with the world.

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