Chapel Hill-Orange County Visitors Bureau Issues Advertising RFP

Chapel Hill-Orange County Visitors Bureau Issues Advertising RFP

The mission of the Visitors Bureau is to develop visitor services in Orange County towns of Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Hillsborough; and to implement marketing programs that enhance the economic activity and quality of life in the County. The purposes for which the Bureau is organized are:

1) To position the towns of Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Hillsborough as a desirable vacation destination to selected visitor markets, with consideration of assets of the communities

2) To encourage longer stays, increased spending and repeat visits

3) To examine the range of visitor services available, to identify unmet needs and to work with the private sector to meet those needs, as appropriate.

The Bureau has six full-time staff members including an Executive Director, Director of Sales, Communications Director, Website Manager, Administrative Assistant and Visitors Center coordinator. The annual operating budget is $1.4 million; with approximately $400,000 earmarked for an advertising agency (including fees, media, and commission).



The Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau—the tourism authority for the towns of Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Hillsborough, North Carolina—is seeking agency services that entail creative development of a tourism campaign; execution of the campaign with the goal of motivating travel to Orange County.


Scope of Work:

The Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau seeks an updated creative campaign, with a central design and call to action that encourages travel to its three towns: Chapel Hill/Carrboro (neighboring cities with similar attributes) and Hillsborough, NC twelve miles down the road, offering a similar but different experience for the visitor. Visitors are drawn to greater Chapel Hill for its friendliness, University environment, safety, and relaxing environment. Visitors like to relax in the Chapel Hill communities. This includes “being themselves,” exploring the greenery, walkability and southern food. Visitors like to people-watch, stroll, loaf, and enjoy the ambiance, which is described as easygoing, relaxed, historic, educational, and welcoming. Similarly, visitors were drawn to Hillsborough for its shopping, antebellum homes, and friendly residents.


Agency experience should entail:

  • Audience analysis research
  • Recommendations for putting technology and print in sound strategy
  • Ability to produce work for different channels
  • Grassroots marketing to augment regional advertising
  • Search engine marketing and optimization experience
  • E-mail marketing and public relations access (although not critical to account).
  • On-line advertising;
  • Direct response experience—how do we track our success?


Due Date:

December 19



Orange County Purchasing Office

200 South Cameron Street,

Hillsborough, NC 27278


Agencies with relevant experience include W2O group.

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